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Municipal Elections 2012

Municipal Elections 2012

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Sep 13, 2014

Michael Brown shooting: Ferguson teen's death puts new focus on minority voting

Political participation is increasing on the national level for blacks and Hispanics. On the local level, voting continues to be struggle, as it is in this St. Louis suburb. FERGUSON, Mo. -- A few miles from the street where Michael Brown died is the... #Missouri #St. Louis, MO #Andre Adams #Infiniti #Michael Brown (politician)

Aug 24, 2014

Imprisoned former Oshawa councillor attempts to be re-elected

Former Oshawa city councillor Robert Lutczyk is planning a return to the ballot in this fall’s municipal election from his cell at the Central East Correctional Centre in Lindsay, Ontario , where he is currently awaiting trial for allegedly kidnappin... #Missouri #St. Louis, MO #Andre Adams #Infiniti #Michael Brown (politician)

Aug 19, 2014

Why Is Ferguson’s Government So White?

by Dish Staff Brian Schaffner, Wouter Van Erve and Ray LaRaja illustrate “why Ferguson’s elected officials look so little like its population”: The first chart shows turnout rates among African Americans and whites in Ferguson for both the 2012 gener... #Missouri #St. Louis, MO #Andre Adams #Infiniti #Michael Brown (politician)