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Aug 07, 2014

Indian businessman wears gold shirt on stroll in Mumbai

Indian bizman Pankaj Parakh looks like a mint — though not exactly full of mirth — as he takes 45th birthday stroll in a 10-pound gold shirt in Mumbai on Wednesday...

Aug 08, 2014

The Saturday Profile: 90-Year-Old Sex Columnist Shatters Taboos in India

Mahinder Watsa, a gynecologist in Mumbai, tackles matters of sexual anxiety in his Ask the Sexpert column in a daily Indian newspaper, and tens of thousands of people have sought his help... #India #Mumbai

Aug 06, 2014

Japan's naming of scores of islands the latest volley in the world's battles over place names

Is it the Persian Gulf or the Arabian Gulf? Mount McKinley or Denali? Mumbai or Bombay? Some geographic names don't just tell us where we live or where we're going... #Persian Gulf #Mount McKinley #Mumbai #Tokyo

Aug 18, 2014

Bosch Power Tools' DIY Range Now Available In Croma, Mumbai

As Do-It-Yourself kits gaining more attention than before, the Bosch too decided to go retail - as announced various kits of DIY repertoire to be made available at Croma outlets in Mumbai... #Persian Gulf #Mount McKinley #Mumbai #Tokyo

Aug 18, 2014

CM relaxes land lease norms in Navi Mumbai

Ahead of assembly polls in the Maharashtra, the government has relaxed certain norms on plots allotted on lease by the state-run City and Industrial Development Corporation of Maharashtra Ltd in Navi Mumbai... #Persian Gulf #Mount McKinley #Mumbai #Tokyo

Aug 19, 2014

Look a million bucks on your wedding day

Mumbai-based designer couple Sonam and Paras Modi who will showcase their latest collection at the Lakme Fashion Week on August 24 list out the most common fashion mistakes brides and grooms make and offer tips on choosing the perfect wedding attire... #Persian Gulf #Mount McKinley #Mumbai #Tokyo

Aug 18, 2014

When Finding Fanny composer got a 'musical shock' in Mumbai

French musician Mathias Duplessy, composer of Finding Fanny Fernandes, thrives on the natural sounds of instruments and experiences of other cultures... #Persian Gulf #Mount McKinley #Mumbai #Tokyo

Aug 13, 2014

Compensation not same as aid, rework scheme for terror attack victims: Court

The PIL claimed 724 people had died in terror attacks and blasts in Mumbai from 1993 till the Zaveri Bazaar blasts on July 13, 2011... #Persian Gulf #Mount McKinley #Mumbai #Tokyo

Jul 24, 2014

Indian doctors remove 232 teeth from teenager’s mouth

Ashik Gavai, 17, visited Sir J.J. Hospital in Mumbai after feeling pain in the right side of his mouth. At first, medics couldn't diagnose the issue, but scores of tests revealed the cause... #Persian Gulf #Mount McKinley #Mumbai #Tokyo

Aug 09, 2014

Ahead of Maharashtra polls, Chavan plans to raise the stakes in slum rehabilitation projects.

According to a proposal that was taken up for discussion by Chavan Friday, developers taking up slum redevelopment projects in Mumbai's adjoining Thane city ... #Persian Gulf #Mount McKinley #Mumbai #Tokyo