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Aug 15, 2014

New Indian leader Modi raises issue of rape on Independence Day

India’s new leader marked his first Independence Day in power Friday with a strongly worded speech urging the nation to confront the issue of rape following a series of highly publicized assaults...

Aug 15, 2014

Modi Promises Bank Accounts for All Families in India

The plan announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, if successful, could let the government turn subsidies for food, fuel and fertilizer into cash transfers... #India #Narendra Modi #Bharatiya Janata Party

Aug 13, 2014

Narendra Modi’s Quiet Beginning Dims India’s Hopes

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has proposed modest economic changes and kept the bureaucracy largely in place, frustrating those who thought he would introduce bold policies... #India #Narendra Modi

Aug 12, 2014

India Econ Data Weak, But Modi Magic Still Prevails

On India, fund manager says 'buy, buy...and buy more.... #India #Narendra Modi

Aug 12, 2014

India's new leader Narendra Modi accuses Pakistan of terrorism

India’s new leader slammed Pakistan on Tuesday, accusing it of terrorism and saying its U.S.-backed military is too weak to fight a conventional war... #India #Pakistan

Aug 03, 2014

Indian prime minister offers Nepal $1 billion in credit, double electricity supply

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced Sunday a $1 billion concessional line of credit for Nepal to use for development, including building hydropower plants in the energy-starved Himalayan nation... #Nepal #Narendra Modi

Aug 06, 2014

Republicans Think India's Narendra Modi Is New Reagan

An Indian-American consultant for House Republicans convinces them on rebirth of New Delhi... #India #New Delhi #U.S. Republican Party

Jul 31, 2014

In India to Meet New Leader, Kerry Seeks Better Relations

With Prime Minister Narendra Modi pushing economic growth and better governance, the Obama administration has cast his election as a chance to bolster economic ties... #India #Barack Obama #Narendra Modi

Aug 05, 2014

India Lures Real-Estate Investors Again

Encouraged by India's strengthening economy and the pro-business agenda of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, foreign investors have begun to return to the India real-estate market after fleeing the country in the wake of the financial crisis... #India #Narendra Modi

Aug 04, 2014

Indian prime minister warms ties, offers development aid during visit to Nepal

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi wooed his country's tiny Himalayan neighbor, Nepal, during a two-day visit aimed at boosting ties with a country that India has long ignored and where China already has a strong presence... #China #India #Nepal #Narendra Modi