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Oct 01, 2014

Tory conference 2014 - Tory donor defects to Ukip: Politics live blog

Rolling coverage of the final day of the Conservative party conference in Birmingham, including David Camerons speech 9.48am BST Michael Fallon , the defence secretary, is addressing the conference later. To coincide with this, the Ministry of Defenc... #Iraq #Baghdad #David Cameron #William Hague #Michael White #Cabinet Office #Philip Hammond #Michael Fallon

Oct 01, 2014

Footage of first British air strike on Isis - video

Footage of a British air strike on an armed Islamic State pick-up truck in north-west Iraq on Tuesday. RAF Tornado GR4 aircraft carried out the mission which the Ministry of Defence described as successful. A heavy weapons position in the same area w... #Iraq #United Kingdom

Sep 30, 2014

Wife of British hostage Alan Henning makes video appeal for his release

Barbara Henning urges her husbands Islamic State captors to please release him, we need him back home The wife of the Manchester taxi driver held hostage by Islamic State militants has begged the group to spare his life and allow him to return to his... #Iraq #United Kingdom

Oct 01, 2014

RAF Tornados drop bombs on ISIS in first airstrikes against targets in Iraq

Tornado warplanes flying out of Cyprus bombed an ISIS heavy weapons post and used a missile to destroy a vehicle with a mounted machine gun, the Ministry of Defence said... #Iraq #Cyprus

Oct 01, 2014

Police hunting for missing teenager Alice Gross find body in river

A body has been found by police searching for missing teenager Alice Gross, Scotland Yard has said. The body was recovered by officers from the River Brent on Tuesday night and has been removed from the scene, the Metropolitan Police said. In a state... #London #Latvia #Scotland Yard #Europe

Sep 29, 2014

Ukrainians say Russian troops captured them in east Ukraine

Two Ukrainian soldiers have offered new evidence of direct Russian military involvement in eastern Ukraine, saying they were captured by Russian troops in a battle that became a turning point in the conflict. Their testimony, given after being freed ... #London #Latvia #Scotland Yard #Europe

Sep 30, 2014

British jets launch strikes against Islamic State

British jets have launched strikes against Islamic State (IS) forces in Iraq for the first time, it has been announced. RAF Tornadoes successfully destroyed a heavy weapons post and vehicle with a mounted machinegun in support of Kurdish troops, the ... #Iraq #Middle East #Michael Fallon

Sep 30, 2014

RAF planes bomb Islamic State targets in Iraq for the first time

Two RAF Tornado GR4 aircraft attack Isis positions in strikes that Ministry of Defence describes as successful RAF Tornado GR4 aircraft on Tuesday launched attacks on Islamic State (Isis) targets in Iraq for the first time in strikes which the Minist... #Iraq #Cyprus

Oct 01, 2014

Police searching for missing teenager Alice Gross find body in river

The search for Alice Gross is now a murder inquiry, a Metropolitan Police commander said today after a body was found in the River Brent, West London. The body was recovered by officers from the river last night and has been removed from the scene, t... #London #Scotland Yard #Europe #Latvia

Sep 27, 2014 | UK warplanes on 1st mission to hit ISIS

UK's Ministry of Defence says warplanes have taken off for their first combat mission over Iraq since its parliament approved airstrikes targeting the Islamic state of Iraq and Syria group... #Syria #Iraq