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Sep 18, 2014

Dogs are as intelligent as five-month-old babies, claims study

Research led by Dr Sarah Marshall-Pescini of Milan University says dogs show a similar ability to five month-old infants based on an experiment that shows social ability (pictured)...

Sep 15, 2014

Letter: Nassau medical center hiring

A letter writer hit the nail on the head when he outlined how connected Republican operatives do very well in Nassau County ["Well-connected do well in Nassau," Sept. 9]. Now years removed from the Great Recession, and with constant budget shortfalls... #Nassau University Medical Center #U.S. Republican Party #Nassau County, NY #Franklin Square, NY #Point Lookout, NY

Sep 13, 2014

Major Budget boost as IMF backs €300m loan bill deal

Finance Minister Michael Noonan has pledged to use savings from a deal to cut the cost of IMF bailout loans to ease the impact of next month’s Budget on families and businesses. In a surprise move, the minister said savings – which could be €300m nex... #International Monetary Fund #Michael Noonan (politician) #Fine Gael #Investec #Pay-As-You-Earn Tax