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Jul 10, 2014

Mexican train carrying 1,300 migrants heading toward US derails

A cargo train carrying about 1,300 Mexican and Central American migrants heading to the United States border has derailed in southern Mexico...

Jul 09, 2014

Movie Review: ‘Drunktown’s Finest,’ by Sydney Freeland, Shows Navajo Life

“Drunktown’s Finest,” by Sydney Freeland, gives a look into the lives of young Native Americans in New Mexico... #New Mexico #Sydney

Jul 09, 2014

Mexico telecom overhaul passes, billionaire Carlos Slim loses -- maybe

Mexican legislators on Wednesday passed a sweeping overhaul of the telecommunications industry that officials maintain will help break up monopolies and provide better service and more competition in the TV and telephone market... #New Mexico #Sydney

Jul 10, 2014

US chases supercomputing crown with multipetaflop Trinity system

Stepping up its efforts to regain supercomputing dominance from China, the U.S. within the next two years will activate what could be one of the world’s fastest computers. The U.S. Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration has p... #China #New Mexico #Los Alamos National Laboratory #National Nuclear Security Administration

Jul 07, 2014

'Game of Thrones' wine is totally a real thing

Cersei Lannister would definitely approve.             Related Stories Joan Rivers cuts off CNN interview Did Joan Rivers go too far (again) in gay Obama joke? Kaley Cuoco having great 4th on Mexico beac... #Barack Obama #Joan Rivers

Jul 09, 2014

Carlos Slim to Break Up Mexico's Leading Telecom

Billionaire Carlos Slim plans to divest part of América Móvil to cut its market share below 50% and thereby avoid regulations imposed on it as the dominant player in the Mexican market... #Barack Obama #Joan Rivers

Jul 08, 2014

In Mexico, blood and bullet marks raise suspicion about army's version of confrontation

Bullet marks and blood spatters on the walls inside a grain storage warehouse deep in the mountains of southern Mexico tell a grim story of death involving soldiers and alleged criminals... #Barack Obama #Joan Rivers

Jul 09, 2014

N.M. good Samaritans help rescue child locked in sweltering car

While her oblivious parents shopped inside an air-conditioned store, their sweat-drenched little girl freed herself from the hot hell of locked truck in New Mexico, helped by the kindness of strangers... #New Mexico #Samaritans

Jul 09, 2014

América Móvil to Shed Assets, Loosening Grip

The announcement comes just as Mexican legislators approved new antitrust laws governing Mexico’s telecommunications and broadcasting industries... #New Mexico #Samaritans

Jul 09, 2014

World’s Second-Richest Man Bows to Mexico’s Regulators

Carlos Slim wants to placate Mexican regulators who are keen on splitting up his massive telecommunications compan... #New Mexico #Samaritans