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marrying up

marrying up

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Sep 18, 2014

’Til martyrdom do us part’

SHE moved to Syria, devoted her life to IS, and married a terrorist in the thrall of martyrdom. This is the disturbing story of a jihadi bride, as told to the world on social media...

Sep 17, 2014

Love Story: Eileen and Manny Darwin, Huntington

Eileen Darwin of Huntington recalls a sure bet she made with future husband, Manny. Manny and I met on Sept. 17, 1951, two days after my 21st birthday. We were students at New York University, working in the new law school library. He was 23 and his ... #California #New York University #Walt Whitman #New York Giants #Yonkers, NY #Brooklyn, NY #Huntington, NY #New York City Ballet #Brooklyn Dodgers

Sep 17, 2014

Rihanna slams CBS for pulling track, and having the 'audacity' to want it back

Rihanna has marvelled at the "audacity" of CBS wanting to use one of her songs, a week after pulling it from its Thursday Night Football show. The network pulled the plug on using the star's song Run This Town in its show last week, following the Ray... #Oprah Winfrey #Rihanna #CBS #Baltimore Ravens #National Football League #Ray Rice #Chris Brown (football)