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liver diseases

liver diseases

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Sep 29, 2014

Breast cancer survivor beating the odds

To meet Cathy Fold, you’d never know that she got the equivalent of a death sentence 10 years ago when she was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer at age 40. She has undergone chemotherapy all these years and so much more. “I've had radia...

Sep 15, 2014

Patients with Hepatitis C 'should have immediate access to potential life-saving therapies' - Irish Haemophilia Society

People seriously ill with Hepatitis C should have immediate access to new therapies which could save their lives. The Irish Haemophilia Society is calling for an "immediate positive decision" on the matter. It is estimated 350 patients require these ...

Sep 14, 2014

How more than 160 liver patients have been barred from transplant operations for refusing to give up alcohol

More than 160 patients with severe alcohol-induced liver disease have been denied a transplant in the past five years because they could not show doctors they were able to stop drinking...

Sep 18, 2014

Alcohol hotspots of England revealed: Manchester and Merseyside top the liver disease league, while people in the West County are the healthiest

A new map from the Health and Social Care Information Centre shows the areas in England with the highest rates of emergency admissions for alcohol-related liver disease...

Sep 17, 2014

Venezuela on alert over mysterious, deadly disease

The deaths of 10 people in the past week of a mysterious disease in several cities in Venezuela, including the capital of Caracas, have caused panic within the population and has prompted doctors to sound the alarm. A government spokesman minimized t... #Venezuela #Caracas

Sep 15, 2014

Generic Hepatitis C Drug Could Help 100 Million People Living with Disease

The brand-name version of the drug can cost as much as $1000 a pill, making it unaffordable to most who suffer from the contagious liver diseas... #Venezuela #Caracas

Sep 10, 2014

Medical breakthrough: Diagnosing disease could be a breath away

Today, diagnosing disease means blood tests, body scans, and waiting weeks for results, but soon it may be as simple as just breathing in and breathing out. [WEB EXTRA: Breath test study | breath test study 2 ] A new kind of testing technology will d... #Florida #Cleveland Clinic #Edelman

Sep 11, 2014

A Woman Told Her Boss About A Devastating Cancer Diagnosis. He Responded By Firing Her.

A Pennsylvania community is rallying around a woman who was fired from her job at an oral surgeon's office following her diagnosis with cancer. Carol Jumper, who lives in Hopewell Township, Pennsylvania, was diagnosed with cancer impacting her pancre... #Pennsylvania #Facebook #Huffington Post

Sep 01, 2014

The silent organ: Liver diseases sometimes have no symptoms

In a press release by St. Luke's Center for Liver Diseases, Juliet L. Gopez-Cervantes, MD characterized the liver as a vital organ, without which a person could not possibly survive. However, she added, it is also a "silent organ." "It is a silent or... #Pennsylvania #Facebook #Huffington Post

Sep 10, 2014

What China Is Doing to Clear the Air and Fight Climate Change

BEIJING -- The Japanese paper Nikkei recently published a report on China's environmental pollution. I was shocked and dumbfounded by the sensational headline -- "China, A Perishing Nation Amid Environmental Pollution" -- written with an intention to... #China #World Health Organization