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Liver disease

Liver disease

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Aug 19, 2014

Ex-Romanian politician, oil tycoon dies at 64

(AP) -- Dinu Patriciu, an emblematic politician from Romania's early post-communist years whose later career as an oil tycoon was marred by legal troubles, died Tuesday after a series of illnesses. He was 64. Patriciu died Tuesday in a London hospita... #London #Dinu Patriciu #Traian Basescu #Liberal Party

Aug 10, 2014

Health warnings on alcohol bottles should be compulsory MPs

Recommendation for changing labels part of series of measures by cross-party group to tackle 'epidemic' of alcohol abuse Health warnings should be compulsory on bottles of wine, beer and spirits to raise awareness of the dangers of excessive drinking... #London #Dinu Patriciu #Traian Basescu #Liberal Party

Aug 06, 2014

Terrifying Ebola "facts" for enhanced scaremongering

The current Ebola outbreak in West Africa is the worst in recorded history, but it has also lead to an outbreak of media scaremongering that really isnt helping. So to pre-empt further hysteria, here are some terrifying-but-unlikely facts about Ebola... #London #Dinu Patriciu #Traian Basescu #Liberal Party

Sep 01, 2014

The silent organ: Liver diseases sometimes have no symptoms

In a press release by St. Luke's Center for Liver Diseases, Juliet L. Gopez-Cervantes, MD characterized the liver as a vital organ, without which a person could not possibly survive. However, she added, it is also a "silent organ." "It is a silent or... #London #Dinu Patriciu #Traian Basescu #Liberal Party

Sep 02, 2014

New pill offers hepatitis C 'cure'

A new pill treatment that is said to offer a "cure" for the chronic liver disease hepatitis C has been launched in the UK... #London #Dinu Patriciu #Traian Basescu #Liberal Party

Aug 25, 2014

A&E ventilator that failed still in use one year later

AN A&E ventilator in a major Dublin hospital, which failed for up to seven minutes as doctors were resuscitating a woman who subsequently died, is still in use. The ventilator failure will be raised at a resumed inquest today into the death of Di... #Irish Independent #James Gray #Tallaght Hospital

Sep 02, 2014

New pill offers hepatitis C 'cure'

A new pill treatment that is said to offer a "cure" for the chronic liver disease hepatitis C has been launched in the UK... #Irish Independent #James Gray #Tallaght Hospital

Aug 22, 2014

Ebola: The facts

Ebola is a severe, infectious often-fatal disease caused by infection with Ebola virus. Ebola virus does not transmit through the air as influenza does. After two days and up to 21 days following exposure to the virus, the disease may start suddenly ... #Irish Independent #James Gray #Tallaght Hospital

Aug 04, 2014

Hepatitis C cure available — but only if you can afford it

Lance Gibson carried a time bomb for decades. It was there with the Canadian Forces sergeant on a four-year stint serving in Germany. It was there on a tour of duty in Afghanistan. But it wasn’t until a routine exit medical in 2009, as he prepared to... #Afghanistan #Canada #Ontario #Gilead Sciences, Inc.

Aug 25, 2014

Lack of lifesaving ventilators in hospital is a 'disgrace' - consultant tells inquest of mum-of-three

A leading A&E consultant has hit out at the lack of lifesaving ventilators in the emergency department at Tallaght Hospital. Dr James Gray, emergency medicine consultant, said it is a “disgrace” that engineers at the hospital are forced to “canni... #Tallaght Hospital #James Gray