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Jul 07, 2014

Red Carpet Premiere Of Les Miserables Australia

Long-running international smash hit mega-musical LES MISERABLES recently premiered a new revival production in Melbourne, Australia and an extensive new red carpet behind the scenes video featurette documenting the various festivities of the night i... #Australia #Melbourne

Jul 04, 2014

France exit World Cup with a whimper as Karim Benzema and Co manage just five shots on target

France are out of the World Cup – did anyone notice? For Les Bleus were Les Miserables as they bid a meek au revoir to the tournament... #Australia #Melbourne

Jun 26, 2014

Robin Thicke knows how to win his wife back an execrable album all about her, complete with naked-model video

The Blurred Lines singer is no stranger to causing offence, but is making a risibly bad video featuring yet another nude woman really the best way to get Paula Patton back? Simon Cowell sends out the talent scouts It takes a lot to make you feel sorr... #Simon Cowell #Paula Patton #Robin Thicke #Miley Cyrus