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Jul 29, 2014

Women must not laugh in public, says Turkish Deputy Prime Minister who calls for people to 'rediscover the Koran' and stop acting like 'sex addicts'

Bülent Arınç also urged women to stop talking about unnecessary things on the phone and asked for men to not become 'womanisers' during a speech in the city of Bursa...

Jul 29, 2014

Türkei: Vizepremier will Frauen das Lachen verbieten

Der türkische Vizepremier Bülent Arinc fürchtet den Sittenverfall und fordert die Rückkehr in dunkle Zeiten: Frauen sollen nicht öffentlich lachen, weniger telefonieren und dafür mehr im Koran lesen...

Jul 24, 2014

Football fans banned for life after Koran ripped and used as confetti at Blues match

The incident involved Middlesbrough fans who travelled to St Andrews in Decembe...

Aug 03, 2014

Young Muslims turn progressive

LOS ANGELES -- Omar Akersim prays regularly and observes the dawn-to-dusk Ramadan fast. He is also openly gay. Akersim, 26, is part of a small but growing number of American Muslims challenging the interpretations of Islam that defined their parents'... #Jay-Z #Pew Research Center #YouTube

Jul 25, 2014

Iraq parliament elects Kurd president

BAGHDAD -- Iraqi lawmakers elected a veteran Kurdish politician Thursday to replace long-serving Jalal Talabani as the country's new president in the latest step toward forming a new government. The 76-year-old Fouad Massoum, one of the founders of t... #Jalal Talabani #Iraq #Syria #Saddam Hussein #Baghdad #Al-Qaeda #Mosul #Patriotic Union of Kurdistan

Jul 26, 2014

Monson-based craft beer Tree House Brewing celebrates groundbreaking for new brewery

Expansion will allow Tree House to go from making 150 gallons of beer at a time to 900. MONSON – Everyone who has ever made beer in their kitchen with a 5-gallon home brew kit dreams about expanding someday. For Tree House Brewing Co. , someday is ri... #Massachusetts #Indiana #Farm Bureau