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Jul 04, 2014

Raikkonen considers F1 retirement

2007 Formula One World Champion Kimi Raikkonen has revealed he will 'probably' retire from Formula One at the end of next season... #Kimi Raikkonen #Formula One

Jul 07, 2014

Kimi Raikkonen to miss Ferrari's two-day in-season testing at Silverstone

Ferrari have announced Kimi Raikkonen will not take part in the two-day in-season test due to start on Tuesday at Silverstone following his horrific accident in the British Grand Prix... #Ferrari #Kimi Raikkonen

Jul 06, 2014

Kimi Raikkonen miraculously suffers only bruises after sustaining 47G impact in Silverstone crash

Kimi Raikkonen sustained an incredible 47G impact during his opening-lap shunt at the British Grand Prix... #Ferrari #Kimi Raikkonen