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Jul 05, 2014

Kerala CM expresses relief, thanks Centre for return of nurses

External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj with Chief Minister of Kerala, Oommen Chandy during a meeting in New Delhi ... #New Delhi #Oommen Chandy #Sushma Swaraj

Jul 13, 2014

Kerala nurses in need of nursing themselves

On Kottayam 's streets, the coconut palms are in shock, not a gust of wind moves their leaves... #New Delhi #Oommen Chandy #Sushma Swaraj

Jul 18, 2014

Arundhati Roy accuses Mahatma Gandhi of discrimination

Prize-winning author questions position in India of 'person whose doctrine of nonviolence was based on brutal caste system' Arundhati Roy, the Booker prize winning author, has accused Mahatma Gandhi of discrimination and called for institutions beari... #India #Arundhati Roy #Mahatma Gandhi

Jul 22, 2014

Maharashtra aims for record low in maternal mortality rate

Mortality rate has been brought down to 87 per lakh deliveries in just three years bringing Maharashtra to second position after Keral... #India #Arundhati Roy #Mahatma Gandhi

Jul 15, 2014

Kerala filmmaker Santhosh Kumar, wife, daughter found dead in Dubai flat

Three members of an Indian family who were not answering their mobile phones since last Thursday, July 10, have been More..... #India #Arundhati Roy #Mahatma Gandhi

Jul 05, 2014

Trapped nurses return home

Dozens of Indian nurses stranded in territory held by Islamic extremists in Iraq returned home to southern India today aboard a special flight, officials said. The 46 nurses had been holed up for more than a week in Tikrit, where fighters of the Isla... #Iraq #India #Hyderabad

Jul 17, 2014

Financial woes pushed Kerala filmmaker and family to commit suicide

A Dubai-based Indian film producer, Santhosh Kumar was found dead along with his wife and daughter at their flat on More..... #Iraq #India #Hyderabad

Jul 08, 2014

Brazil football player Neymar coming to Kerala for ayurveda treatment?

Thiruvananthapuram, July 8: TV channels in Kerala on Tuesday went berserk, saying injured Brazilian footballer Neymar was likely to come to the state to undergo ayurveda treatment for his injured back.The TV channels said the Brazilian Football Feder... #Iraq #India #Hyderabad

Jul 04, 2014

Nurses move to Iraqi Kurdish region

More than 40 Indian nurses who were trapped in territory captured by Islamic militants have crossed into Iraq's Kurdish region where they will be under the protection of local security forces before flying home. The nurses had been stranded for more ... #Saddam Hussein #Iraq #India #Mosul #Oommen Chandy

Jul 04, 2014

Trapped Indian nurses to come home

More than 40 Indian nurses who were trapped in territory captured by Islamic militants who have overrun much of Iraq are safe and will fly home this week. The 46 nurses had been stranded for more than a week at a hospital in the Iraqi city of Tikrit,... #Iraq #India #Mosul #Oommen Chandy