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Karl Marx

Karl Marx

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Jul 27, 2014

Germany city break: Six things you must do in Trier

Gareth Huw Davies marvels at the city’s historic highlights, discovers Karl Marx’s birthplace and samples a selection of fine wines...

Aug 13, 2014

Union man fought for workers' rights

18 Labour of war In 1871, a German giant mobilised the New Zealand left. That year 600 people, inspired by Karl Marx, formed an unemployed workers union and demonstrated. This began 40 years of socialist turbulence.The Liberal.....

Jul 27, 2014

Hyde FC win Twitter with hilarious left-wing themed nicknames for pre-season trialists

With several trialists taking the field the Conference North side decided to have a bit of fun on social media including Tony Benn, Fidel Castro, Karl Marx and more instea... #Fidel Castro #Karl Marx #Tony Benn

Jul 26, 2014

(Tweets) Non-League Club Disguise Trialists As Left-Wing Revolutionaries

Hyde come up with a novel approach to keeping their trialists under wraps. SEE MORE: FIFA 2015 Player Ratings Revealed . Clearly frustrated at having to disguise the names of trialists from fans, to stop other clubs from becoming interested, the offi... #Fidel Castro #Vladimir Lenin #Karl Marx #Tony Benn #FIFA #Leon Trotsky