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Sep 16, 2014

U.S. strikes near Baghdad as world searches for anti-ISIS plan

As world leaders struggled to come up with strategies to combat the threat from ISIS, U.S. military aircraft targeted one of the Islamist militant group's positions near Baghdad. An airstrike southwest of the city Monday appears to be the closest the... #European Union #Iraq #Iran #United Nations #Baghdad #Barack Obama #United Kingdom #Arab League

Sep 09, 2014

NFL fumbled Ray Rice affair right from the start: DiManno

She hits him. He hits her. There is no equivalency of assault to it. He weighs 206 pounds. He plays professional football for a living. He knocks her out cold, then drags the woman’s limp ragdoll body out of an elevator like a sack of potatoes. NFL c... #Roger Goodell #Baltimore Ravens #National Football League #Ray Rice