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Sep 18, 2014

FLL's new runway opens Thursday

A new runway at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport opens Thursday with a grand opening ceremony and an inaugural first flight. The first flight on the new south runway will be a JetBlue Airways charter flight to benefit the United Wa... #Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport #JetBlue Airways

Sep 20, 2014

Video reveals assembly of Qatar Airways Airbus A380 super jumbo jet

The first episode of a new web video series documents the assembly of Qatar Airways' Airbus A380 – from an early-morning delivery of components to its inaugural test flight... #Airbus #Qatar Airways

Sep 18, 2014

Jet Airways plane dropped 5,000 feet because co-pilot may have fiddled with controls while pilot slept

The Jet Airways co-pilot told investigators she was busy doing work on her tablet and did not notice the drop in altitude as the plane travelled from Mumbai to Brussels... #Jet Airways #Jet Airways #Mumbai #Mumbai

Sep 18, 2014

His career is really taking off! British Airways hands high-flying 21-year-old his dream job as a pilot (but what will his passengers think?)

Jonathan Irwin, from Yorkshire, has become one of the country’s youngest pilots ever to fly passengers on a commercial jet after being offered a job with British Airways at the age of 21... #Jet Airways #Jet Airways #Mumbai #Mumbai

Sep 18, 2014

How much it costs to check a bag on different airlines

Air Canada: 25$ for checked bags on Tango fares. West Jet: $25 for checked bags on economy farers for Canada and the US. Porter: $25 on domestic flights. American Airlines: $25 USD for economy domestic flights. US Airways: $25 USD for economy domesti... #Canada #Air Canada #Continental Airlines, Inc. #US Airways #American Airlines #EasyJet

Sep 17, 2014

Qatar Airways Takes Delivery of First Airbus A380

Qatar Airways took delivery of its first A380 super-jumbo jet from Airbus on Wednesday. The airline has ordered a total of 10... #Airbus #Qatar Airways

Sep 17, 2014

U.K. carrier Flybe to become world's largest Q400 carrier after Republic sublease

MONTREAL - Flybe will become the world's largest operator of Bombardier Q400 planes after gains Republic Airways announced its plans to sublease 24 of the turboprops to the British airline as it adds Embraer regional jets... #Airbus #Qatar Airways

Sep 17, 2014

Republic Airways to Buy 50 Embraer Jets

Republic Airways said it would buy 50 Embraer E175 jetliners to serve United Airlines in a multiparty agreement that will also see some turboprops shifted to British regional airline Flybe... #Airbus #Qatar Airways

Sep 18, 2014

Passenger says JetBlue plane filled with smoke

A JetBlue airliner that experienced engine problems soon after takeoff returned to the Long Beach Airport on Thursday after smoke filled the cabin and passengers evacuated onto the runway using the plane's emergency slides. sLong Beach Fire Departmen... #Long Beach Airport #Texas #Airbus #Federal Aviation Administration #Austin, TX

Sep 12, 2014

The British airlines offering passengers the most legroom revealed ... with British Airways coming out on top (and Ryanair in THIRD place)

Michael O'Leary's budget airline was behind only British Airways and Aer Lingus in offering the most leg room among Britain’s airlines, while easyJet was in fourth place with 29ins... #United Kingdom #Aer Lingus #British Airways #EasyJet