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Sep 18, 2014

Tim Cook Is Keeping Your Apple Data Safe From The Cops

Apple rolled out a massive update to its operating system on Wednesday, along with a made a significant update to its privacy policy . Beginning with iOS 8, Apple says data on your device is kept private, even from the police. "Security and privacy a... #Google Inc. #Apple, Inc.

Sep 21, 2014

Julian Assange says Canada moving in right direction in privacy battle

LONDON—Disclosures of state surveillance touching the far corners of our digital lives make for grim reading. But Julian Assange, whose WikiLeaks bombshells set in motion the new era of whistle-blowing on state surveillance, says there is a glimmer o... #Canada #London #Harrods #Google Inc. #Wikileaks #Julian Assange

Sep 17, 2014

Supreme Court ruling hasn’t stopped police from warrantless requests for data

OTTAWA—Law enforcement agencies are still making warrantless requests for telecom customers’ personal data months after a Supreme Court ruling appeared to shut down the practice. Police in Canada used to ask telecom companies to voluntarily hand over... #Canada #Halifax Corp

Sep 19, 2014

Kirsten Dunst keeping a sense of humour after nude photo leak

Kirsten Dunst is trying to maintain a sense of humour after nude images of her were leaked. The 32-year-old actress was just one of the stars who found intimate shots made public when Apple’s iCloud was hacked. But Kirsten admits she is doing her bes... #Hollywood #Federal Bureau of Investigation #Kirsten Dunst #Krysten Ritter #Kate Upton

Sep 19, 2014

Ottawa’s disturbing appetite for Internet subscriber information: Geist

Government and law enforcement warrantless requests for telecom and Internet subscriber information have emerged as a major concern in recent months with revelations of tens of thousands of requests annually. The Supreme Court of Canada examined the ... #Canada #Ottawa #Yahoo! #Irwin Cotler #Club Penguin

Sep 18, 2014

Telus issues first ‘transparency’ report on requests for customer information

Telus Corp.’s first “transparency” report reveals that the Vancouver-based telecom company received about 103,500 official requests for information about its customers last year. A majority of the requests — nearly 56,800 — were in emergency situatio... #Canada #Toronto #Ottawa #Rogers Communications

Sep 17, 2014

EU data chiefs meet to rein in Google over 'right to be forgotten' approach

Google faces criticism this week from European Union (EU) privacy regulators seeking to rein in the way it has been cutting search links in response to a court ruling on the so-called "right to be forgotten". Data privacy watchdogs are meeting in Bru... #European Union #Google Inc. #Europe #Luxembourg #Brussels #Bloomberg

Sep 16, 2014

Telecoms gave customer info to Environment Canada

OTTAWA—Newly disclosed records show Environment Canada obtained information from telecommunications companies about hundreds of subscribers in the last five years. Employment and Social Development Canada, the Competition Bureau, Justice Canada, the ... #Canada #Irwin Cotler #U.S. Department of Justice

Sep 15, 2014

Open-source project promises easy-to-use encryption for email, instant messaging and more

A software development project launched Monday aims to create free tools that simplify the encryption of online forms of communication like email, instant messaging, SMS and more by solving the complexity associated with the exchange and management o... #Microsoft Corporation #Facebook #Apple, Inc.

Sep 12, 2014

Cases linked to Dutch 'web abuser'

A Dutch man suspected of abusing victims over the internet with naked images of themselves may have targeted as many as 40 people in the Netherlands alone, and several dozen in other countries, a prosecutor says. The 36-year-old suspect, identified u... #Canada #United Kingdom #YouTube