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Jul 20, 2014

Chinese spy ship spotted off Hawaiian coast

China has sent a spy ship to international waters off of Hawaii during a giant U.S.-led naval exercise involving 22 countries, even as Beijing participates in the drills for the first time this year, the U.S... #China #Beijing #Hawaii

Jul 19, 2014

Chinese Ship Spies on U.S.-Led Drills

Beijing sends uninvited surveillance ship to international waters off Hawaii to monitor joint exercises in which China is participating, U.S. says... #China #Beijing #Hawaii

Jul 02, 2014

Syrian chemical weapons moved onto US ship for destruction

Cargo containers carrying hundreds of tons of Syrian chemical weapons were loaded onto a U.S. cargo ship Wednesday for destruction at sea, one of the final phases of the international effort to rid Syria of its chemical weapon stockpile... #China #Beijing #Hawaii