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Jul 06, 2014

As Food Prices Rise, Fed Keeps Watchful Eye

The Outlook: U.S. food prices are on the rise, raising a sensitive question: When the cost of a hamburger patty soars, does it count as inflation...

Jul 08, 2014

Fed Members Send Mixed Messages on Rate Hikes, Labor Markets

Conflicting messages from two Fed members, one an inflation dove and the other an inflation hawk, point up the growing debate at the central bank over the timing and trajectory for raising interest rates...

Jul 10, 2014

Katy Perry at Madison Square Garden

An inflatable car, a riot of neon Lycra and a flotilla of parade balloons shared the stage with Katy Perry on Wednesday night...

Jul 09, 2014

Woman gets stuck in NYC spa’s $100-per-hour chamber

OMG, I'm trapped! A 63-year-old woman desperately texted her friends for help Wednesday morning after she was pinned inside a faulty inflatable hyperbaric chamber at a Manhattan spa, sources said...

Jul 09, 2014

Doves Hold the Reins as Fed Plots Exit from Ultra-Loose Policies

The majority of participants on the Federal Reserve’s policy-setting board aren’t too worried about a tick up in measures of inflation, minutes show...

Jul 09, 2014

Argentines Hope Soccer Will Help Them Forget

For just a few hours, the hope was that the World Cup team would help them forget the battered economy, corruption scandals and one of the world's highest rates of inflation...

Jul 03, 2014

ECB's Draghi Leaves Door Open to Stimulus

European Central Bank President Mario Draghi kept the door open to additional stimulus, including large-scale asset purchases, if needed to fight excessively low inflation. The bank kept rates steady... #European Central Bank #Mario Draghi

Jul 10, 2014

Argentina's World Cup run a much-need distraction from daily woes

Soccer has once again emerged as the patriotic touchstone that unites Argentines as they teeter on the precipice, this time threatened by a debt crisis, soaring inflation and the scandal-plagued end to a 12-year political dynasty that has polarized t... #European Central Bank #Mario Draghi

Jul 04, 2014

France's Alstom Plan Hits Snag

The French government's plan to become Alstom's top shareholder has drawn scrutiny from the country's stock market regulator, potentially inflating the price the state pays to keep the company rooted in France... #European Central Bank #Mario Draghi

Jun 26, 2014

Bubble trouble? Threat of inflated housing sector tempts Bank of England to tighten credit

Is Britain's economy heading for bubble trouble? Concerns are mounting that the country's housing market is overinflated, with London house prices rising almost 19 percent in the year to April... #London #United Kingdom #Bank of England