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Sep 18, 2014

Customer finds fried rat mixed in pakoras at Indian railway snack kiosk

A snack kiosk at a railway station in Western India has been closed down after a customer found a fried rat mixed in with his pakoras, according to the Indian Express...

Sep 17, 2014

Trade, investment hopes as China's Xi visits India

(AP) -- Chinese President Xi Jinping landed in the Indian prime minister's home state of Gujarat on Wednesday for a three-day visit expected to focus on India's need to improve worn out infrastructure and reduce its trade deficit. Xi was greeted on t... #China #Beijing #India #New Delhi #Sri Lanka #Narendra Modi #Xi Jinping #Gujarat

Sep 13, 2014

Bullet trains in India: Fast track to nowhere?

Nowhere in the world do bullet trains make money, though a lot of them make operational profits, much like the metros, which helps them run their service in an uninterrupted way, notes Bhupesh Bhandari he Japanese want to sell their bullet-train syst... #China #Beijing #India #New Delhi #Sri Lanka #Narendra Modi #Xi Jinping #Gujarat

Sep 03, 2014

Teenager gang-raped and murdered after being made to lick spit

Police in the Indian state of West Bengal are investigating the alleged rape and murder of a teenage girl who had previously been humiliated by a village council. The 15-year-old had protested with village elders who were set to beat her father for f... #West Bengal #Middle East #India #Kolkata

Sep 14, 2014 | China on track to develop Indian railways

China will pledge to invest billions of dollars in India's rail network during a visit by President Xi Jinping this week... #China #India #Xi Jinping

Sep 01, 2014

Modi visit draws pledges of support from Japan

(AP) -- Japan and India agreed Monday to step up their economic and security cooperation as visiting Prime Minister Narendra Modi won pledges of support for his effort to revitalize the lagging Indian economy. Modi, who brought a delegation of more t... #China #India #Shinzo Abe #Narendra Modi

Sep 03, 2014

Indian teenager, 15, becomes latest gang-rape victim as her body is found near railway track after she protests to village elders over treatment of her father

The girl's family, from West Bengal state, believe she was abducted, raped and killed by village elders after she tried to stop them beating her father for failing to repay a loan on a tractor... #China #India #Shinzo Abe #Narendra Modi

Sep 08, 2014

IM operative learnt tech skills in Banjara Hills

Ajaz Shaikh was arrested by the Delhi police's Special Cell sleuths near the Saharanpur railway station in Uttar Pradesh on Friday. HYDERABAD : Alleged Indian Mujahideen operative Ajaz Shaikh reportedly learnt the art of using various information tec... #New Delhi #Uttar Pradesh