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Sep 20, 2014

Rescuers save 50,000 as floods hit south Pakistan

(AP) -- Pakistan's disaster management agency said Saturday that rescuers with boats and helicopters had evacuated about 50,000 people from the country's south after raging floods inundated more villages there. In a statement, Pakistan's National Dis... #India #Pakistan

Sep 19, 2014

Beauty and bloodbaths in the Ming dynasty

A million-strong army, exquisite opulence and paranoically violent rulers as a new show opens at the British Museum, Julia Lovell explains how the Ming dynasty put China at the centre of the world European commentators of the 18th and 19th centuries ... #China #Beijing #British Museum

Sep 16, 2014

India-China border standoff highlights tensions before Xi visit

Both countries keen to put positive spin on Chinese president's first meeting with Indian prime minister Narendra Modi For most of the year, the Indian troops stationed at Chumar, a remote corner of the high, dry desert plateau of the western Himalay... #China #India #Narendra Modi #Himalayas #Xi Jinping

Sep 13, 2014

Pakistan diverts rivers to save cities from floods

(AP) -- Military specialists blew up dikes in central Pakistan to divert swollen rivers and save cities from raging floods that have killed hundreds of people, authorities said Saturday, as officials stepped up efforts in India's part of Kashmir to p... #Pakistan #India #Nawaz Sharif

Sep 14, 2014

Pakistan flood sinks boat carrying wedding party

(AP) -- Severe flooding sank a boat carrying a wedding party in Pakistan's Punjab province on Sunday, killing the bridegroom and 17 others, officials said. Senior police officer Mian Tanvir from the nearby city of Multan said the army-run boat carryi... #India #Pakistan

Sep 12, 2014

Pakistani troops expand rescue in flood-hit areas

(AP) -- The Pakistani military stepped up rescue efforts as floods wreaked havoc in more districts of the country's eastern Punjab province on Friday, affecting 1.9 million people and leaving hundreds of thousands homeless. In neighboring India-contr... #India #Pakistan #Nawaz Sharif

Sep 09, 2014

Death toll from floods reaches 400

The death toll from floods in Pakistan and India has reached 400. Armies in both countries have scrambled to help the victims and authorities in Islamabad have warned of more flooding in the days ahead. The flash floods, which began on September 3, h... #India #Pakistan #United Kingdom #Islamabad #Mohammad Asif #Himalayas

Sep 08, 2014

Indian army rescues thousands from Kashmir flood disaster video

The Indian army and air force are working to rescue thousands of people stranded in Kashmir and northern and eastern Pakistan, where flooding and landslides have caused more than 300 deaths. One man said he was stuck for four days before being rescue... #Pakistan #India

Sep 10, 2014

War in the Garden of Eden: Fearless tribal warriors forsaken by Brazilian government face off against illegal loggers to protect Amazon rain forest

An August raid by a small army of Ka’apor warriors resulted in the arrest of a dozen men, who were tied up, stripped and beaten in the Alto Turiacu Indian reserve in Maranhao state... #Pakistan #India