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Jul 13, 2014

Gyrocopter that can hit 112mph on land and in the air goes on sale

The Pal-V One Helicycle is a two-seat hybrid car and gyrocopter that has the potential for making rush-hour delays a thing of the past...

Jul 17, 2014

'Planes: Fire and Rescue' review: Enjoyable, for tiny tots only

"Planes: Fire & Rescue" is roughly twice as good as its predecessor, "Planes," which was so story-and-laugh starved it would have given even the much-maligned "direct-to-video" a bad name. Yes, there was nowhere to go but up. The sequel's story i... #Ed Harris #Dane Cook #Hal Holbrook #Wes Studi #Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

Jul 20, 2014

BMW i8: car review

A tiny engine is not the obvious way to power a sports car. But BMWs dramatic new plug-in hybrid doesnt do the obvious. Martin Love test drives the i8 Continue reading..... #BMW #Martin Love

Jul 28, 2014

How much will a hydrogen car cost? The same as a hybrid, Mercedes-Benz exec says

Hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles are set to enter the mainstream, but how much will they cost? Unlike rival Toyota, Mercedes-Benz may price its 2017 fuel-cell car the same as a comparable hybrid. The post How much will a hydrogen car cost? The same as a h... #BMW #Martin Love

Jul 25, 2014

Great Scott! Next-gen Supra to have a boosted BMW engine, supercapacitors, and AWD

The next-generation Toyota Supra has had about an active rumor mill as any car in recent memory. Some say it will look like Toyota's FT-1 Concept, others say it will share its chassis with the FR-S, but we're now hearing that it will have a BMW/Toyot... #BMW #Martin Love

Jul 23, 2014

Audi boss says ‘nein’ to all-electric vehicles, commits to plug-in hybrids instead

Thanks to Tesla and BMW, fully electric cars are all the rage in 2014. Audi has no plans to build one, however, because the German brand doesn’t believe they sell well enough, and thinks that plug-in hybrid technology is much more practical. The post... #BMW #Audi

Jul 17, 2014

Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid sets a different kind of Nurburgring lap record

The Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid just set a Nurburgring lap record. That's right: It's now the most fuel-efficient car to ever lap the legendary German track. Speed was nowhere to be found. The post Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid sets a different kind of... #BMW #Audi

Jul 10, 2014

You may want to sit down: Bugatti’s Veyron successor could be a 1500-horsepower hybrid

The Bugatti Veyron has held the title of "World's Fastest Production Car" before, and Bugatti wants it back. To compete with high-powered speedsters like the Hennessey Venom GT, Bugatti is planning a hybrid successor to the Veyron with 1500 horsepowe... #BMW #Audi

Jul 08, 2014

Volvo’s all new XC90 could be most powerful car in its class

Volvo is pulling out all the stops for the new XC90, with a plug-in hybrid powertrain it will have 400 horsepower and 470 pound feet of torque. Despite the sports car levels of power, the plug-in hybrid will deliver industry leading CO2 emissions and... #BMW #Audi

Jul 30, 2014

Petrol Engine Cars – Most Popular in Bulgaria

The cars with petrol engines are most popular in Bulgaria, shows a survey of the Interior Ministry on the number and type of registered cars as of July 1, quoted by BTA.  Their number is 1 752 690. Next are diesel engine cars – 1 001 141. Petrol engi... #BMW #Audi