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Jun 25, 2014

Bolivia rebels at rightist timepieces, flips clock

(AP) -- Bolivia's leftist government is turning back the clock. Or, more precisely, turning it backward. The government this week flipped the clock atop the Congress building so that while it's accurate, the hands now turn to the left, a direction kn... #Bolivia #Hugo Chavez #Evo Morales #David Choquehuanca

Jun 14, 2014

Colombia: only a Juan Manuel Santos victory offers prospect of peace

If the country's 50-year-long conflict is to end, the incumbent president must win Sunday's election If it is true that World Cup football results can dramatically affect national political mood, then Colombia's first appearance in the competition si... #Venezuela #Colombia #Hugo Chavez #FARC #Juan Manuel Santos

Jun 24, 2014

Fidel Castro heaps praise on Maradona and Messi

Former Cuban President Fidel Castro congratulated retired Argentine footballer Diego Maradona for his television program analysing the World Cup and also saluted Lionel Messi for carrying on the glory for Argentina. Castro's written message was publi... #Cuba #Venezuela #Fidel Castro #Hugo Chavez #Diego Maradona