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Hugo Chávez

Hugo Chávez

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Jul 23, 2014

Venezuelan conspiracy theories a threat to critics

(AP) -- Roderick Navarro was in class when he got the news that a high-ranking minister had accused him of plotting to assassinate Venezuela's president. His first thought was, "Not again." The 26-year-old student leader had already been accused by t... #Venezuela #Central Intelligence Agency #Colombia #Caracas #Hugo Chavez

Jul 22, 2014

End comes for notorious Venezuelan vertical slum

(AP) -- The beginning of the end came for the world's tallest slum Tuesday as officials began evicting thousands of squatters from a haphazard community inside the half-built Caracas skyscraper known as the Tower of David. Police in riot gear and sol... #Caracas #Hugo Chavez

Jul 26, 2014

Venezuelan ex-general wanted by US over drug trafficking held in Aruba

Dutch island awaits US extradition request for Hugo Carvajal Venezuela protests at 'kidnapping' of former Chávez ally Continue reading..... #Venezuela #Aruba #United States