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Sep 30, 2014

Wife of British hostage Alan Henning makes video appeal for his release

Barbara Henning urges her husbands Islamic State captors to please release him, we need him back home The wife of the Manchester taxi driver held hostage by Islamic State militants has begged the group to spare his life and allow him to return to his...

Oct 01, 2014

Police hunting for missing teenager Alice Gross find body in river

A body has been found by police searching for missing teenager Alice Gross, Scotland Yard has said. The body was recovered by officers from the River Brent on Tuesday night and has been removed from the scene, the Metropolitan Police said. In a state... #London #Latvia #Scotland Yard #Europe

Sep 27, 2014

Liberia: Top doctor goes under Ebola quarantine

(AP) -- Liberia's chief medical officer is placing herself under quarantine for 21 days after her office assistant died of Ebola. Bernice Dahn, a deputy health minister who has represented Liberia at regional conferences about combating the epidemic,... #West Africa #Sierra Leone #Liberia #World Health Organization #Republic of Guinea

Sep 28, 2014

Habitat executive director balances growing organization, family time

Surrounded by odds and ends for sale, including sinks, clothes, books and a couple of old bicycles, Shalyn Carlile said the new Habitat for Humanity of Independence County Home Store has done well in its first month of business. The store is just one... #West Africa #Sierra Leone #Liberia #World Health Organization #Republic of Guinea

Sep 25, 2014

Italy stages Ebola evacuation drill _ just in case

(AP) -- The patient, a slight woman in her 30s, lay motionless on the stretcher as a half-dozen men in biohazard suits transferred her from a C-27J cargo plane into an ambulance and then into a mobile hospital isolation ward, never once breaking the ... #European Union #Europe #Africa #Sierra Leone #Liberia #Republic of Guinea

Sep 21, 2014

Sierra Leone concludes nationwide Ebola lockdown

(AP) -- Frustrated residents complained of food shortages in some neighborhoods of Sierra Leone's capital on Sunday as the country reached the third and final day of a sweeping, unprecedented lockdown designed to combat the deadly Ebola disease, volu... #West Africa #Senegal #Sierra Leone #Liberia #World Health Organization #Republic of Guinea

Sep 21, 2014

Yemen: peace deal signed but rebels continue advance

Houthi rebels seize strategically important installations in Sana'a, including the defence ministry and the central bank Yemeni government officials and Shia rebels signed a peace agreement on Sunday after days of violence that left more than 140 peo... #West Africa #Senegal #Sierra Leone #Liberia #World Health Organization #Republic of Guinea

Sep 21, 2014

Neoliberal rape in Spain

While being interviewed on Spanish radio last month, Francisco Javier Leon de la Riva - the mayor of Valladolid, northwest Spain's largest city - announced that he was wary of getting into elevators with women because you never know when they might "... #West Africa #Senegal #Sierra Leone #Liberia #World Health Organization #Republic of Guinea

Sep 23, 2014

Solomon women carry climate change burden

Koregu, Solomon Islands - Every afternoon as dusk descends onto the farm-terraced hillsides, the spotlight of acute environmental anxiety and resilience planning, traditional gender roles play out amid the struggle to adapt to hazard-inducing climate... #West Africa #Senegal #Sierra Leone #Liberia #World Health Organization #Republic of Guinea

Sep 22, 2014

Streets busy as Ebola lockdown ends

Streets in Sierra Leone's capital, Freetown, are bustling again after an unprecedented nationwide shutdown during which more than one million homes were checked for Ebola patients and given information on the disease. But the government has delayed a... #West Africa #Sierra Leone #Liberia #Human Rights Watch