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Jul 10, 2014

Israeli airstrike kills group of friends watching World Cup in cafe

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Eight members of the same family, including five children, were killed in an Israeli airstrike which destroyed two homes in Khan Younis, in southern Gaza, the Palestinian Health Ministry said...

Jun 25, 2014

Church reports vandalism during Oklahoma City Pride Parade

A home video captured a tow truck clearing out the parking lot of Anointed Acts Ministries after several participants of Sunday's Oklahoma City Pride Parade parked there...

Jul 05, 2014

Palestinian teen burned to death, autopsy shows

(AP) -- An autopsy showed an Arab teenager who Palestinians say was killed in a revenge attack was burned to death, officials said Saturday, while Palestinian militants fired two rockets toward a major southern city deeper into Israel than any other ... #Israel #West Bank #Jerusalem #Gaza Strip #Tel Aviv

Jul 07, 2014

Eduard Shevardnadze obituary

President of Georgia and Soviet foreign minister who pushed through perestroika during Mikhail Gorbachev's time in power Eduard Shevardnadze, who has died aged 86, deserves to go down in history as one of the major figures of our age for steering the... #Georgia #Soviet Union #Mikhail Gorbachev #Eduard Shevardnadze #United States #Russia #Germany #Europe

Jul 01, 2014

Eurozone recovery slows as France's downturn continues, but UK surges again - Business live

Rolling business and financial news through the day, including the latest PMI factory reports and Eurozone unemployment data. Job cuts at Port Talbot Summary: eurozone manufacturing recovery slows as French downturn deepens Euro unemployment was 11.6... #BNP Paribas #FTSE

Jun 21, 2014

Review confirms basis of Japan's sex slave apology

(AP) -- A Japanese panel confirmed the validity of a study that led to Japan's landmark 1993 apology for forcing Asian women into wartime prostitution, even as South Korea blasted the review as a move that "picks again at the painful wounds" of victi... #China #Taiwan #Tokyo #Philippines #Seoul #Shinzo Abe

Jun 20, 2014

Narendra Modi's Hindi-only-tweets order stirs fears of India language shift

Civil servants instructed to use Hindi on social media, prompting concern in regions where Hindi is not the main language Narendra Modi 's landslide victory in the Indian general election last month marked a turning point in the country's politics bu... #India #New Delhi #Narendra Modi #Facebook

Jun 15, 2014

Newark house fire leaves 6 dead, officials say

A fast-moving fire ripped through a single-family home in New Jersey's largest city early Sunday, killing six people, authorities said. The blaze broke out at the three-story residence at around 4 a.m. in Newark, the Essex County Prosecutor's office ... #New Jersey #Newark, NJ

Jul 06, 2014

Whitehall child sex inquiry: the 114 files 'lost' - Telegraph

One can hardly imagine that this kind of callousness ,negligence and incompetency can go on for full two decades in the offices of Home ministry of the first world country , deemed to be model democracy with a huge plethora of system? Such a clumsy a... #New Jersey #Newark, NJ

Jul 11, 2014

Palestinian journalists under Israeli fire

Gaza City - With tearful eyes, the Al-Aqsa TV anchorman announced the death of Palestinian journalist Hamed Shehab on Wednesday evening, hit by an Israeli air strike while driving home on Omar al-Mukhtar street. Shehab, 27, was working for local pres... #Israel #Beirut, Lebanon #Skoda #Gaza City #Al Jazeera