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Jul 02, 2014

No One Cares Who My Family Is: Deeksha Seth

Actress Deeksha Seth says she expected her co-star Armaan Jain to hog all the limelight in their debut Hindi film Lekar Hum Deewana Dil and feels that this will lure the audience to cinema houses. There is a hype around th...

Jun 19, 2014

Five day Cork Midsummer Festival opens in the city

The colourful Cork Midsummer Festival kicked off Thursday with fire show Inferno, dance and acrobatics from Chaos and community dance project A Dance Concerto. Events, most of which are free, run from Thursday 19 to Monday 23 June.  A highlight is Co... #Jean Genet #Christchurch #Michael Barker #Cork City #Cypress, CA