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Jul 31, 2014

8 Things We Didn't Know A Month Ago: Apple PR, Disruption, Cash, And More...

In Case You Missed It, here's a roundup of July's notable articles at Forbes NetAppVoice. Hold onto your headgear.....

Aug 14, 2014

Jimmy Anderson is the worlds most skilful bowler, says Alastair Cook

England quick needs seven Test wickets to equal Botham Stuart Broad to play in fifth Test despite broken nose Alastair Cook described Jimmy Anderson as the most skilful bowler in the world on the eve of the fifth Test against India at The Kia Oval. E... #India #Ian Botham #Alastair Cook #Stuart Broad #Anderson, IN #Old Trafford #Jimmy Anderson

Jul 29, 2014

Boxing blood bath! Commonwealth boxers pour from head wounds

The International Boxing Association has decided to stop the use of headgear in male bouts, citing medical experts who said it would help reduce concussions... #India #Ian Botham #Alastair Cook #Stuart Broad #Anderson, IN #Old Trafford #Jimmy Anderson

Jul 29, 2014

Commonwealth Games sees more blood than ever as International Boxing Association decide to stop use of headgear

The 2014 Commonwealth Games have been the first to see boxers fighting without protective headgear in a controversial move by the International Boxing Association... #India #Ian Botham #Alastair Cook #Stuart Broad #Anderson, IN #Old Trafford #Jimmy Anderson

Jul 30, 2014

Bigger is definitely better (for hats at least)! Supersized headgear leads the field at Glorious Goodwood

Supersized hats took centre stage off the course as the second day of racing at Glorious Goodwood in Sussex got under way... #India #Ian Botham #Alastair Cook #Stuart Broad #Anderson, IN #Old Trafford #Jimmy Anderson

Aug 21, 2014

This clip of 3 cats snoozing in watermelon hats might be the cutest thing you see all day

These gorgeous cats think nothing of their unusual headgear in what could be the follow-up to the famous Dr Seuss' book and film The Cat in the Ha... #India #Ian Botham #Alastair Cook #Stuart Broad #Anderson, IN #Old Trafford #Jimmy Anderson

Aug 15, 2014

Harry the real deal at ale festival

Prince Harry joined Druids and drag artists as thousands of thirsty customers donned their best headgear for the 2014 Great British Beer Festival. The 29-year-old made the short journey from Kensington to the Olympia venue in west London last night, ... #Prince Harry #London #Queen (band)

Aug 14, 2014

Flying Spaghetti Monster minister in fight over religious headgear in B.C. driver's licence pic

A Surrey man, an ordained minister in the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, is involved in a holy war of sorts with ICBC over his right to wear his religious headgear — a spaghetti strainer — in his B.C. driver’s licence photo. Obi Canuel, 36, ... #Prince Harry #London #Queen (band)

Aug 15, 2014

Unexposed Billy Blue should finally come good for Gosden

I WAS looking through some of my late father's old photographs from the 1970s the other day, and I came across a picture of the former football pundit, player and Manchester United manager Tommy Docherty. It was taken at a function in Kilternan at so... #Manchester United #Newbury

Aug 17, 2014

The Most Elegant Pitch in MLB History.

Never mind the irritable headline presented by FOX news,.. Have you ever had to make a pitch with a Tiara and not have it fall, ignobly to the ground?  Given the form and grace and poise not to lose the iconic headgear,.. This is admirably the most e... #FOX Broadcasting Company #Major League Baseball