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Amanda Knox and a trigger-happy media

Oct 05, 2011

Amanda Knox and a trigger-happy media

The UK press had a bad day yesterday, as, perhaps conditioned by years of coverage, a number of them announced that Amanda Knox had been found guilty, when, in fact, she had been acquitted. #BuzzPatrol #Harry S. Truman #Amanda Knox #UK media


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Amanda Knox and a trigger-happy media

Jul 10, 2014

Gutterball: White House bowling alley won't be renovated after contract draws criticism

Blake Seitz The White House abruptly cancelled a contract to renovate the Harry S. Truman Bowling Alley after it drew political criticism. On Wednesday, Time reported that the General Services Administration had issued a federal contractor posting fo... #Harry S. Truman #General Services Administration
Amanda Knox and a trigger-happy media

Jul 03, 2014

Oklahoma City native serves on warship

By Petty Officer 1st Class Ruben Perez, For The Oklahoman NORFOLK, Va. — A 2005 Northwest Classen High School graduate is serving on one of the world’s largest warships, the U.S. Navy aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman. Petty Officer 3rd Class Herb... #Oklahoma City, OK #Harry Truman #Harry S. Truman #Navy Midshipmen (football)
Amanda Knox and a trigger-happy media

Jun 20, 2014

Breaking Europe's Putin addiction

Russia's recent move to cut natural gas supplies to Ukraine was a terse reminder to Europe that, if it continues to pressure Russia in what it considers its backyard, then the disruption of Europe's vulnerable gas supplies might be next. This dramati... #European Union #Vladimir Putin #Iran #China #Europe #Tehran #Soviet Union #Harry Truman #Azerbaijan #Armenia