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Sep 28, 2014

Police tear gas Hong Kong demonstrators as protests grow

Riot police advanced on Hong Kong democracy protesters in the early hours of Monday, firing volleys of tear gas that sent some fleeing as others erected barricades to block the security forces in the heart of the former British colony. Earlier, polic... #Hong Kong #China #Beijing #United Kingdom #Communist Party

Sep 29, 2014

Hong Kong police defend response

Police in Hong Kong have defended their use of tear gas and other tactics to control protests that have paralysed the city's financial district, appealing to the thousands gathered to demand more democracy to stop the unprecedented mass act of civil ... #Hong Kong #China #Beijing #United Kingdom #Communist Party

Sep 17, 2014

Ask Phoebe: Look under bridge for literary gems

On a number of the concrete support pillars under the Harbour Bridge at Northcote, there are lines of poetry. Can you tell me anything about this? - Pauline Law, Birkenhead I can, thanks to my colleague Mathew Dearnaley, who..... #Hong Kong #China #Beijing #United Kingdom #Communist Party

Sep 15, 2014

Everything and more on offer at Kinsale Arts Festival

A decade ago, the Kinsale Arts Festival started small but determined, and has since steadily grown into a significant annual celebration of local, national and international arts and culture. The festival deliberately chooses to avoid conventional sp... #Orson Welles #Jeremy Irons #Michael Morpurgo #Roger McGough #Enda Walsh

Sep 09, 2014

Todd Haynes Directing Peggy Lee Biopic

Reese Witherspoon still attached to star For several years now – at least since 2010, in fact – Reese Witherspoon has harboured a desire to portray iconic singer Peggy Lee. Nora Ephron was attached at one point to write and direct the biopic, but her... #Reese Witherspoon #Peggy Lee #Nora Ephron #Doug Wright #Benny Goodman #Cate Blanchett #Todd Haynes #Rooney Mara

Sep 09, 2014

O'Neill knows Ireland must raise the bar for road ahead

The universal message from the Irish camp as they left Tbilisi on Sunday night was that the value of their victory over Georgia would become apparent further down the line in the race for Euro 2016. In truth, it didn't take that long to sink in. A st... #Tbilisi #Aiden McGeady

Sep 08, 2014

One Bal Harbour banquet kitchen ordered shut after roach issue

One Bal Harbour Resort & Spa touts itself on its website as a "hotel that overlooks everything" and having a "staff that overlooks nothing." But according to state records, the staff seems to have overlooked a roach issue in a kitchen. State inspecto... #Tbilisi #Aiden McGeady

Sep 02, 2014

Cruises for every type of traveler

This fall, hit the sea. Whether your ideal vacation is spent sitting in a spa, in front of a movie screen or strapped into a zip line, there are cruises for all types of travelers. So don't put away those bikinis and beach shorts just yet for one of ... #Caribbean #Europe #Australia #Puerto Rico #Sydney #Barcelona #Istanbul #Charlotte Amalie #Celebrity Cruises