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Aug 13, 2014

Abandoned: Athens Olympics leave a mixed legacy 10 years later

As Greece groans under a cruel economic depression, questions linger of whether the 2004 Athens Games were too ambitious an undertaking for a weak economy...

Aug 12, 2014

It's been 10 years since the Olympics in Athens and the stadiums are abandoned

The tenth anniversary of the Olympics in Greece begins this week...

Aug 13, 2014

Newly Discovered Tomb in Greece Largest Ever

The sepulcher appears to date from the reign of Alexander the Grea... #Greece #Macedonia

Aug 04, 2014

EU president-elect Juncker: "I fought like a lion" to keep Greece in euro

EU President-elect Jean-Claude Juncker says he "fought like a lion" to keep Greece in the euro single currency, visiting Athens on his first trip since winning the election for Europe's highest office... #Europe #Athens #Jean-Claude Juncker

Aug 09, 2014

Greece's Older Men Face Lifetime of Unemployment

The unemployment rate among older Greek males is about twice the euro-zone average, causing a financial and psychological struggle for a country in which older men are often families' sole breadwinners... #Europe #Athens #Jean-Claude Juncker

Aug 04, 2014

US officials return ancient coins to Greek government; prominent collector prosecuted

Some ancient coins were returned to the government of Greece on Monday after the New York prosecution of a prominent collector from Rhode Island... #Rhode Island #New York (state)

Aug 06, 2014

Former Greek Central Banker Questioned on Bank Sale

Financial prosecutors in Greece are asking the former head of the central bank there to explain his actions in approving a bank sale to a businessman later jailed on fraud charges... #European Central Bank #Greece

Aug 01, 2014

Moody’s Upgrades Greece’s Credit Rating

(ATHENS, Greece) — Moody’s ratings agency has upgraded Greece’s government bond rating , predicting a gradual decline of the national debt. The agency is also citing a commitment by the bailed out country’s conservative-led government to improve publ... #European Central Bank #Greece

Aug 07, 2014

NBG September 26th Options Begin Trading

Investors in National Bank Of Greece S A (NYSE: NBG) saw new options begin trading today, for the September 26th expiration. At Stock Options Channel, our YieldBoost formula has looked up and down the NBG options chain for the new September 26th cont... #European Central Bank #Greece

Aug 01, 2014

Why Argentina's Default Isn't Too Surprising Or Unusual

This week Argentina defaulted on its debt. Though negotiations are ongoing, Argentina's default should not be considered surprising in a historical context. Argentina has previously defaulted seven times since its independence in 1816 . Argentina is ... #European Central Bank #Greece