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Jul 11, 2014

Europe Worries Rattle Global Markets

Worries over the financial health of a major Portuguese lender spooked global markets Thursday, drubbing shares in southern Europe and sending U.S. stocks on an early swoon...

Jul 13, 2014

Executive Suite: Claudio Gottardi, Melville

Founded by three friends in 1983, Melville-based Marchon Eyewear Inc. has grown to become the third largest manufacturer of optical and stylized eyewear in the world, and with its new DVF | Made for Glass collection it's the first manufacturer of des... #China #California #Nike #Calvin Klein #Sean John #Google Inc.

Jul 05, 2014

U.S. economy a world beater because of 5 factors

How does the U.S. economy do it? Europe is floundering. China faces slower growth. Japan is struggling to sustain tentative gains. Yet the U.S. job market is humming, and the pace of economic growth is steadily rising. Five full years after a devasta... #China #Europe #Ben Bernanke #European Central Bank #Federal Reserve