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Sep 12, 2014

Germany bans Islamic State in bid to stop attacks, recruitment

Germany announced a ban on Islamic State on Friday, saying it aimed to prevent the militants from recruiting young jihadists in Germany, especially via the internet, or from using combat-hardened fighters returning to Europe to carry out attacks...

Sep 14, 2014

Merkel leads Berlin rally against anti-Semitism, says Jewish life part of German identity

Chancellor Angela Merkel has led a rally against anti-Semitism, telling thousands of people in Berlin that Jewish life is part of Germany's identity...

Sep 11, 2014

German foreign minister: G-7 to discuss political strategy against Islamic State this month

Germany's foreign minister says officials from the Group of Seven powers will meet later this month to discuss a political strategy against the extremist Islamic State group...

Sep 13, 2014

Weidmann Against Public Guarantees for ABS

The head of Germany's central bank said he is against public guarantees for asset-backed securities as part of the European Central Bank's ABS purchase program, contradicting comments a day earlier from ECB President Mario Draghi... #European Central Bank #Mario Draghi

Sep 12, 2014

Left turn ahead? State vote may show if Germany ready for 1st governor from ex-communist party

A quarter-century after the Berlin Wall crumbled, an election this weekend may show whether Germany is ready for its first state governor from the party descended from East Germany's communist rulers... #Berlin #East Germany

Sep 10, 2014

Lufthansa cancels 140 flights in latest pilots' strike; more than 15,000 passengers affected

Lufthansa has canceled 140 flights after pilots walked off the job at Munich airport — their fourth strike in five months in a dispute that has cost Germany's largest airline tens of millions of euros (dollars)... #Munich #Lufthansa #Berlin

Sep 10, 2014

Police: Causes of blast at chemical plant in northwestern Germany still unclear

Police in northwestern Germany say they have yet to determine what caused a massive explosion that seriously injured one person at a chemical processing company... #Munich #Lufthansa #Berlin

Sep 06, 2014

Germany opens Euro 2016 qualifying campaign

Germany opens Euro 2016 qualification campaign against Scotland in tight Group ... #Munich #Lufthansa #Berlin

Sep 14, 2014

Big Fix: Sun and Wind Alter German Landscape, Leaving Utilities Behind

Germany’s renewable-energy push has had an impact far beyond its shores, driving down costs faster than almost anyone thought possible just a few years ago... #Munich #Lufthansa #Berlin

Sep 06, 2014

German Chancellor Merkel says Germany must pursue any sign of anti-Semitism

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has called on the country's citizens to attend a rally against anti-Semitism next week in Berlin where she will speak... #Munich #Lufthansa #Berlin