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Sep 12, 2014

Edge, Time Arbitrage And The Shame Of Short-Term Thinking

If you can stick with me on this and read between the lines of this key piece of recent news, you will have a real edge to understand what’s going on right now that is affecting every market in the world from startups and IPOs to emerging markets and...

Sep 10, 2014

Pacific pushback: Podesta, White House warned about ocean preserve expansion to combat 'climate change'

John Podesta, the Obama administration’s climate and energy czar, got a blunt warning this week that a plan to cut off all fishing in huge, U.S.-controlled tracts of the Pacific Ocean to preserve biodiversity and fight “climate change” would have dev... #China #Barack Obama #Pacific Ocean #George Russell

Sep 15, 2014

OECD cuts 2014 growth forecasts for U.S., other developed economies

Growth in the U.S. and other major developed economies this year will be much lower than forecast in May amid weak demand in Europe and rising geopolitical instability, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development said Monday... #Europe #OECD #Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

Sep 11, 2014

Stocks fall, led by drop in energy stocks

U.S. stocks opened lower Thursday, led by a decline in energy stocks as the price of oil continue to slide. Oil has tumbled 13 percent in the last three months as supplies have remained ample despite geopolitical tension... #Europe #OECD #Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

Aug 31, 2014

What Markets Did While You Were Tanning

The bulls wobbled on geopolitical news, then have resumed their run... #Europe #OECD #Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

Aug 26, 2014

Movie Review: In 'The November Man,' Killing Is Political and Personal

In “The November Man,” geopolitical intrigue ranks second to daddy issues among C.I.A. operatives in Eastern Europe... #Europe #OECD #Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

Sep 05, 2014

TOM UTLEY: The bossy station announcer I'd like to throttle and the madness of letting jobsworths hand out fines

It’s often the little irritations that drive us to distraction, while we somehow manage to take the mighty geopolitical threats to our existence in our stride... #Europe #OECD #Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

Aug 18, 2014

U.S. Stocks: Futures Up As Russia-Ukraine Tensions Ebb

Equity futures pointed to a higher open as a turnaround that began in the final session of last week got fresh momentum from waning geopolitical tensions... #Europe #OECD #Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

Aug 18, 2014

Volatility Watch: Retail Earnings, Fed Comments

Most measures of stock market volatility have dropped sharply in recent days, despite a blip on Friday. Now macro news, including spotty global economic readings and geopolitical rumblings, share the spotlight with a full line-up of retailers’ earnin... #Europe #OECD #Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

Sep 15, 2014

NATO head: threats from Russia, Islamic State

(AP) -- NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said Monday that members of the U.S.-led alliance must stand shoulder to shoulder to confront simultaneous security threats from Russia and the Islamic State extremist organization. In his Brussels... #Vladimir Putin #Europe #NATO #Anders Fogh Rasmussen #Wales