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Jul 29, 2014

Dollar Steady Despite Safe-Haven Run Before Fed Meeting

Outside of herd-mentality charges into safe-haven assets when geopolitical events spur jittery investors into action, lethargy predominantly reigns in the foreign exchange market. Investors appear to be positioning themselves conservatively ahead of ...

Aug 01, 2014

Foreign Political and Banking Woes Make Investors Wary

Geopolitical problems in Israel and Ukraine, and banking problems in Argentina and Portugal, have investors a little more cautious as the market dips... #Russia #Europe

Jul 24, 2014

BASF Lifted by Specialty Chemicals

German chemicals giant BASF said second-quarter net profit jumped 12%, boosted by its industrial and specialty chemicals division, despite a deteriorating global economic outlook and heightened geopolitical risks... #Russia #Europe

Jul 29, 2014

The EU's New Russia Sanctions Look Tough, But How Rigorously Will They Be Enforced?

Economic sanctions can often be circumvented but even by normal geopolitical standards today's "tough new sanctions" from the EU look weak. The question is who will enforce them... #Russia #Europe

Jul 28, 2014

Dollar's Strength Persists Ahead Of Jobs Report

The mighty dollar remains aloft near six-month highs against a basket of currencies on Monday as financial markets prepare for a data-intensive week that includes a U.S. Federal Reserve policy-setting meeting and the release of the nonfarm payrolls (... #Middle East #Federal Reserve

Jul 22, 2014

FX Market Sentiment Dominated By Geopolitical Concerns

The greenback hit a one-month high against the Swiss franc and neared a five-month high versus the euro on Tuesday as market sentiment remains haunted by geopolitical risk. And yet, investors appear to be shrugging off the unsettled quandary that is ... #Switzerland #Gaza Strip

Jul 07, 2014

On a Wartime Anniversary, China Steps Up Its Anti-Japan PR Campaign

Generous coverage of the 77th Marco Polo Bridge Incident anniversary comes amid simmering geopolitical tensions between the two Asian power... #China #Japan #Shinzo Abe #Xi Jinping

Jul 24, 2014

Parker: NATO another casualty in Ukraine crisis

Most assuredly the human costs -- the loss of 298 lives in the shootdown of the Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, on top of nearly 500 Ukrainians killed since April alone -- are the real tragedies of Ukraine's turmoil now turned into geopolitical struggle... #Europe #NATO #Malaysia Airlines #Korean Air #Crimea

Aug 01, 2014

Zandi: How global markets are avoiding world's chaos

The world feels especially scary lately. There has been mayhem in the Middle East, Russia seems on the verge of becoming a rogue state, violence in Central America is driving children to make the harrowing trek to the U.S. border, and much of Asia is... #Middle East #Vietnam #Soviet Union #Central America #Hungary #Federal Reserve

Aug 01, 2014

U.S. markets retreat for second day

There was no reprieve for investors Friday as the U.S. stock market retreated for a second day. Energy stocks were among the biggest decliners following disappointing results from oil giant Chevron and a drop in oil prices. The Standard & Poor's ... #China #Hong Kong #Shanghai #ExxonMobil #Wall Street #Federal Reserve #Nikkei 225 #Europe #London #FTSE