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Jul 28, 2014

Upbeat MTA budget plan calls for restoring West Hempstead line weekend service

The MTA, boosted by overperforming revenues, now projects a brighter financial future than it did earlier this year -- despite having to come up with nearly $500 million this year to fund new worker contracts. The Metropolitan Transportation Authorit... #MTA #Long Island Rail Road #LIRR #Metropolitan Transportation Authority #West Hempstead, NY

Jul 24, 2014

Report: 1,803 public workers paid more than Cuomo

The Empire Center for Public Policy reports 1,803 local government employees outside of New York City have been paid more than Gov. Andrew Cuomo's $179,000 salary in the past year. The report from the fiscally conservative group for the year ending M... #Andrew Cuomo #Suffolk County, NY

Jul 20, 2014

Labour leaders win crucial policy forum vote on spending plans

Ed Balls says vote at end of three-day conference is evidence of support for manifesto based on 'big reform, not big spending' An attempt to commit Labour to abandoning coalition spending plans for 2015-16 was heavily defeated on Sunday at the end of... #Andrew Cuomo #Suffolk County, NY

Jul 15, 2014

Goldman Sachs smashes profit forecasts business live

Rolling business and financial news, as Goldman Sachs reports a 5% jump in earnings in the last quarter Mark Carney testifying at parliament - highlights start here Bank of England says markets are " bizarrely" ignoring geopolitical risks UK inflatio... #Federal Reserve #Bank of England #Goldman Sachs

Jul 11, 2014

Arctic Monkeys: from men of the people to tax-dodgers

Rock stars have long held an ambivalent view towards paying their fair share of tax. But when the band in question pride themselves on having the common touch, it's especially hard to stomach There was a beautifully serendipitous irony to the timing ... #Inland Revenue #Arctic Monkeys #George Harrison

Jul 02, 2014

Labour doesn't know what radicalism looks like

There are ways the party can face financial scarcity with optimism and creativity, but that's not the story it has told itself The big shift in Labour's economic policy in opposition has been from anger to sorrow. The two Eds, Balls and Miliband, sti... #George Osborne #Ed Miliband #Jon Cruddas #Ed Balls

Jul 28, 2014

Germany Has the Most Unequal Distribution of Wealth in the Eurozone

As a new European Commission prepares to settle into Brussels after the European Parliamentary elections, a new opportunity arises to address once again the central issue: Europe will only work for its citizens, and thus recover the legitimacy of its... #European Union #China #Europe #European Commission #Great Britain

Jul 26, 2014

'Anstrengen' - more cuts says Merkel's economist

Ireland must continue to impose austerity policies, one of Germany's most powerful politicians has urged. Dr Joachim Pfeiffer, economics spokesman for Angela Merkel's ruling Christian Democrat party, rejected assertions that Ireland can avoid one las... #European Union #Europe #Dublin, Ireland #Angela Merkel #Enda Kenny #Bank of Ireland

Jul 26, 2014

Words stimulate debate - but not always reform

Those who enjoy the rhythms of the summer school circuit must have been riveted by Miriam Lord's recent critique of the MacGill symposium. Her charge sheet listed self-absorption, abstraction and repetition, and it seems to have registered with MacGi... #European Union #Europe #Dublin, Ireland #Angela Merkel #Enda Kenny #Bank of Ireland

Jul 25, 2014

Conservative policy groups consider suing Massachusetts over union donation limit

Officials from the Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance and the Goldwater Institute are considering legal action after the legislature rejected an amendment to bring the campaign donation limit for unions into line with the limit for individuals. Two conser... #Massachusetts #U.S. Democratic Party #U.S. Republican Party