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Farmers’ protest
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Jul 04, 2014

US leans on El Salvador to open up its seed market

Grant by US agency to open markets to 'competition' draws protests from Salvadoran farmers and concern from NGOs Continue reading..... #El Salvador #United States

Jul 08, 2014

IFA protests over price paid to livestock farmers

Around 60 members of the Irish Farmers' Association protested today at some of the main supermarket chains over the price being paid to beef and lamb producers... #El Salvador #United States

Jul 01, 2014

Central Florida weird news roundup: June 2014 breaks down some of the strangest news covered in Central Florida in June 2014. Local teen getting attention over being a 'Frozen' lookalike Photo of Jacksonville officer, woman creates stir This giant rat will haunt your dreams -- a... #Florida #Orlando Florida #7-Eleven #Jacksonville, FL #Instagram