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Aug 30, 2014

Joan Rivers on life support, family members stand vigil

Caustic comedienne Joan Rivers was on life support Saturday as family members stood vigil at a Manhattan hospital... #Seth MacFarlane #Hollywood Bowl

Aug 30, 2014

Texas grandpa drenches baby in Ice Bucket Challenge

A baby being doused in an Ice Bucket Challenge video has created a family furor in Texas. After a grandpa drenched his 10-month-old granddaughter as part of his challenge, the baby’s father went ballistic... #Seth MacFarlane #Hollywood Bowl

Aug 29, 2014

Sam Kass, the Obamas’ Foodmaster General

Mr. Kass, the first family’s personal chef, has one of the highest public profiles of anyone in the East Wing and a window into the zealously guarded space and tastes of the Obama White House... #Barack Obama #Sam Kass

Aug 28, 2014

Joan Rivers Is 'Resting Comfortably' at Hospital with Family, Daughter Melissa Says

The Fashion Police star was hospitalized Thursday after complications occurred during throat surger... #Barack Obama #Sam Kass

Aug 30, 2014

Education requirements deter many would-be 'Dreamers,' activists say

Naira Zapata might seem a typical candidate for the Obama administration's deferred deportation program. Her family smuggled her across the U.S.-Mexican border when she was 12... #Barack Obama #Sam Kass

Aug 28, 2014

Family and faith set to simmer at Ruskin's 'Face in the Reeds'

I hadn’t even started this review of Ruskin Group Theatre’s Passover dinner play, “The Face in the Reeds,” and I already felt guilty — which speaks at least to the authenticity of Robin Uriel Russin’s new dramedy about a dysfunctional contemporary Je... #Barack Obama #Sam Kass

Aug 28, 2014

Overnighter: In Iowa, an Oasis of Family Vacations Past

Vacationers have been coming to the Iowa Great Lakes since the mid-1800s, but there’s still room for the new amid the nostalgia... #Iowa City, IA #Great Lakes

Aug 29, 2014

Missing University of Montana student's body found, car accident cited

A University of Montana student whose disappearance sparked a frantic, two-state search died in a car accident, a family friend said... #Iowa City, IA #Great Lakes

Aug 27, 2014

Which Pretty Little Liars Character Was Killed in Tuesday's Summer Finale?

ABC Family says goodbye - sort of - to infamous characte... #Iowa City, IA #Great Lakes