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Sep 04, 2014

Der neue Fabia: Modernste Teile von VW und Audi im Skoda-Kleid

Skoda kommt immer noch aus Tschechien, aber den Status als Billigmarke ist man längst los. Der neue Fabia profitiert vom Baukastensystem des VW-Konzerns, edler geht es kaum. Wir haben ihn getestet... #Audi #Skoda

Aug 22, 2014

Leicester Mercury published Skoda Fabia first with VisionC design study

Skoda has demonstrated with the 'VisionC' design study how Skoda is able to combine great functionality with an expressive, emotional and more sharply defined design. This new design direction is the next step in the development of our brand and the ... #Audi #Skoda

Aug 27, 2014

Skoda hints at €15,000+ for Fabia

SKODA here has hinted at the price of the new Fabia which gets here in early January. They say it is likely prices will start somewhere between the range-topping Citigo (€14,500) and entry-level Rapid (€16,495). So are we safe to assume it will be so... #Paris #Skoda