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Eurozone crisis

Eurozone crisis

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Aug 29, 2014

The Eurozone Is A Growing Problem For The U.S. Economy

The 18-nation eurozone is the largest economy in the world, eclipsing that of the U.S. The eurozone is the largest trading partner of the U.S. (the largest importer of U.S. goods, the largest exporter of goods to the U.S.). The eurozone is in an econ...

Sep 15, 2014

OECD cuts growth forecasts for major economies - business live

OECD says global economy is expanding at a moderate and uneven pace, with Europe lagging. Latest: OECD cuts growth forecasts OECD: Eurozone recovery disappointing...deflation a worry Earlier: Oil price hits 27-month low Chinese factory growth weakest... #OECD #Europe #Paris #European Union

Sep 04, 2014

Scottish independence could trigger eurozone-style currency crisis, warn Goldman Sachs bankers

Goldman Sachs said a Yes vote 'could have severe consequences' for both Scotland and the rest of the UK and cited the rush to withdraw money from Greece and Spain... #OECD #Europe #Paris #European Union

Sep 05, 2014

ECB action alone can't lift gloom over Europe

(AP) -- Europe has gotten another dose of stimulus. But the latest medicine by itself will not bring life to an economy that over the past six years has slid from crisis to crisis. Though the European Central Bank surprised markets Thursday with the ... #Europe #European Central Bank #Mario Draghi

Sep 12, 2014

European states struggle with Draghi's challenge

(AP) -- Eurozone finance ministers on Friday said they were willing to help the European Central Bank in its plan to save the economy. How much they can do in practice, however, remains unclear. The ministers met for the first time since ECB Presiden... #European Union #Europe #European Central Bank #Mario Draghi

Sep 12, 2014

First German governor from ex-communist party?

(AP) -- A quarter-century after the Berlin Wall crumbled, an election this weekend may show whether Germany is ready for its first state governor from the party descended from East Germany's communist rulers. The opposition Left Party hopes to end th... #Berlin #NATO #Angela Merkel #East Germany

Sep 03, 2014

Ukraine crisis dents European business activity

(AP) -- On the day that the outlook for the European economy may have become a bit brighter amid hopes of a cease-fire in eastern Ukraine, a closely watched survey Wednesday showed the extent to which the crisis in the country has weighed on business... #European Union #Vladimir Putin #Europe #Petro Poroshenko

Aug 21, 2014

Eurozone austerity a 'disastrous failure', claim Nobel economists

Nobel winners have reportedly blasted eurozone austerity policies which they fear will cause a prolonged depression and another dangerous debt crisis... #European Union #Vladimir Putin #Europe #Petro Poroshenko

Sep 16, 2014

UK inflation rate falls to 1.5%, as Scottish house prices hit record high - business live

Rolling business and finance news, including the latest UK inflation figures and market reaction ahead of Thursdays Scottish independence vote Consumer Prices Index drops in August Fuel and food prices fall, but clothing and transport rise Scottish h... #United Kingdom #Danny Alexander #Jeremy Cook

Sep 03, 2014

Stock markets lifted by Ukraine ceasefire hopes

UK service sector booming Eurozone recovery loses steam, dragged down by France and Italy UK downturn less deep than previously thought ... but UK workers suffered biggest falls in wages in developed world after crisis 3.06pm BST Time to sign off, fo... #FTSE #Royal Bank of Scotland #George Osborne #Vladimir Putin #NATO #Wall Street #Petro Poroshenko #Dow Jones