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Election Results 2012

Election Results 2012

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Sep 20, 2014

Controversial MP Rob Anders seeking Conservative nomination in new riding

BROOKS, ALTA.—Controversial Alberta MP Rob Anders is hoping for new political lifeline after losing a Conservative nomination race in Calgary earlier this year. Anders is now seeking the Conservative nomination in the new riding of Bow River, a large... #Beijing #Calgary #Nelson Mandela #Adolf Hitler #Rob Anders #Vauxhall #Ron Liepert

Sep 17, 2014

Zimbabwe lawyers decry detainee abuse

Zimbabwean lawyers have condemned purported assaults and death of suspects in police custody, denouncing conditions in holding cells they deemed unfit for human habitation. "There have been disturbing reports of deaths in police custody and some of o... #Zimbabwe #Robert Mugabe #Movement for Democratic Change

Sep 15, 2014

Food Science: What's the Harm?

Corporate CEOs are always strategizing in their quest for greater revenues and profits. Often these strategies -- and their resulting, insidious successes -- have shaped our elections, our government, our education system, our media, our publicly fun... #Zimbabwe #Robert Mugabe #Movement for Democratic Change

Sep 18, 2014

Here's How Unfair The Tax System Is In Each State

Most people don't love paying taxes, though they agree on the need to fork over some money to keep the government running. But what type of system do Americans consider fair? And which states adhere most closely to that system? That's exactly what Wa... #South Carolina #Hawaii #U.S. Republican Party

Sep 10, 2014

Is There a Billionaire Cancellation Effect?

The Republicans have their billionaires, the Democrats have theirs. What's the big kerfuffle about campaign spending, right? Wrong. As it happens, the Republican Party is benefiting more, by far, from the spending abuses authorized by U.S. Supreme Co... #Federal Election Commission #Karl Rove #Supreme Court of the United States #U.S. Senate #U.S. Democratic Party #U.S. Republican Party #Citizens United #Crossroads GPS #U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Sep 02, 2014

Report: Andrew Cuomo Did Unsavory Thing Everyone Already Suspected He Did

by Alex Pareene It’s not a perfect measure of partisan leaning, but according to the 2012 election results, New York is more Democratic than California and Minnesota, two states where Democrats control the entirety of the state governments, and where... #California #Minnesota #Andrew Cuomo #U.S. Democratic Party #New York (state)

Aug 29, 2014

97% of LI educators rated 'effective' or 'highly effective'

Ninety-seven percent of Long Island's public school teachers and principals rated "highly effective" or "effective" and fewer than 1 percent scored "ineffective" in the first-ever regionwide job evaluation results released Thursday by the state Educa... #Nassau County, NY #Suffolk County, NY #Long Island, NY #Woodmere, NY

Aug 29, 2014

Government plans for big same-sex vote campaign

GOVERNMENT ministers fear complacency could lead them to lose the referendum on same-sex marriage planned for next spring. Ministers in both parties say they will definitely not be relying upon surveys, which have indicated a huge majority of people ... #Enda Kenny #Frances Fitzgerald (politician) #Seanad Eireann

Aug 27, 2014

The Gun Control Movement Just Landed a Game-Changing Ally

Until recently, conventional wisdom had it that nobody could go up against the NRA and win. They had too much money, too much clout, too many politicians doing their bidding and, most of all, a dedicated and energized membership that could swing publ... #Washington #Bill Gates #National Rifle Association #Warren Buffett #U.S. Congress #Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation #Bloomberg