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Jul 08, 2014

Utah man allegedly poisons neighborhood dogs

A Utah man allegedly poisoned two dogs in his neighborhood and killed one of them...

Jul 07, 2014

SEE IT: British dog wants to play fetch with statue

Robbie the dog just wanted to play fetch - with a statue. The border collie had no idea the Manchester, England, sculpture wasn’t going to budge even to toss a stick, according to an oldie, but a goodie, video shared in 2010...

Jul 09, 2014

Secondhand smoke as harmful to pets as people

Tobacco companies acknowledge the risks of smoking in people but haven't taken the same stance with dogs and cats...

Jul 09, 2014

Here’s Music For Your Dog, Courtesy Of Fun.’s Andrew Dost

Fun.'s Andrew Dost created music for Dog TV...

Jul 07, 2014

Books: ‘Animal Madness’: A Look at Tense Dogs, Elephants and More

A science historian investigates the complex minds and rich emotional lives of animals...

Jul 07, 2014

Dog Gone? Dolly Parton offers to adopt dog abandoned at British festival

Dolly Parton wants to take an unlikely fan home... #Dolly Parton #London

Jul 07, 2014

South Carolina boy, 3, dies after climbing into hot car

A toddler who was trapped in a hot car with his pet dog on Wednesday died Sunday morning in South Carolina, authorities said... #Dolly Parton #London

Jul 08, 2014

Top rookie pass rushers could use more fun goals

It's the dog days of the NFL offseason. Where's the creative visualization... #Dolly Parton #London

Jul 07, 2014

Dolly Parton offers to adopt lost dog found at Glastonbury

Dolly Parton is ready to adopt a dog named after her if the owners aren't found... #Dolly Parton #London

Jul 05, 2014

Chicago Group Fights Growing Street Violence with Yoga Classes

See how at-risk teens are using deep breathing and downward dog to help stop crime in their neighborhoo... #Dolly Parton #London