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Dog toilets

Dog toilets

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Sep 11, 2014

It's no joke! Joan Rivers left a $150 million fortune - and it's all going to daughter Melissa... and her dogs, who were better than a husband 'because they didn't leave the toilet seat up'

Joan Rivers earned a fortune from her QVC business and non-stop, stand-up performances - and it's all going to her only daughter Melissa, as well as her two pets dogs...

Sep 11, 2014

Who's My Main Man? My Plumber, Of Course

I had to smile when a colleague emailed that she had to work from home that day because she needed to wait for the plumber. She's a virgin home owner, which is to say that when she and her husband bought their first house just a few months ago, she h...

Sep 02, 2014

NYC condos plagued by tenant’s ‘inappropriate behavior’: suit

The dog uses the roof for a toilet — and its owner fouls the rest of the building...