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Jul 31, 2014

Your brain is your joystick in neurogaming

Lat Ware pauses to straighten his jacket and organize his chaotic mind. For Ware, who has attention deficit disorder, standing in the halls of a gaming conference as people rush by can feel like being in a hurricane of humanity...

Jul 30, 2014

True love may be forever, but Social Security still has rules

Bill is 67 and in poor health. He says he has a lung disorder and "probably won't be around a whole lot longer....

Jul 25, 2014

In the swim

Really good news on the crime front: While more than 626,300 people have patronized the city’s 55 public pools so far this summer, the swimming parks have been the scene of a grand total of 24 incidents — primarily bursts of disorder or locker break-...

Jul 23, 2014

Punchlines: Disorder on the border

The late-night comics were talking about the latest immigration issues. Vote for your favorite joke at

Jul 25, 2014

Stronger Genetic Basis For Schizophrenia, Landmark Study Finds

More than 80 newly identified genes may place people at risk for developing schizophrenia, strengthening the evidence for a biologic basis for a disorder that affects nearly 24 million people or 1 percent globally, according to the results of a new s...

Jul 25, 2014

Why Teens Are Turning to Human Growth Hormones for the ‘Perfect’ Body

A generation aware of the risks of eating disorders now has performance-enhancing drugs available at a click--but not much information on their possible side effects...

Jul 15, 2014

Popular Food Blogger - the Blonde Vegan - Admits to Eating Disorder

Jordan Younger tells her 70,000 followers: "I'm transitioning away from veganism...

Jul 11, 2014

Kesha opens up about eating disorder

'Even I need to be reminded that we are who we are....

Jul 15, 2014

This Guy Gets Drunk By Eating Bread, Seriously

Matthew Hogg has a rare disorder called auto-brewery syndrome, where his body produces its own alcohol...

Jul 12, 2014

Baylor's Isaiah Austin Partners with the Marfan Foundation: 'I Feel Like It's My Calling'

Austin's advice for people suffering from the genetic disorder? "Don't be scared...