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Sep 19, 2014

Demography Could Shift Future N.Y. Transit Policy

While New York's MTA is about to propose its four-year capital plan, such plans in the future could reflect vastly changing demographic patterns...

Sep 15, 2014

India and China Have Outgrown the West

NEW DELHI -- From the heady days of "Chindia," when China and India were twinned together in the global imagination, comparisons between the two countries have taken on a more modest hue. Once united by their shared status of being giant Asian countr... #China #Beijing #India #New Delhi #Pakistan #Tibet #Narendra Modi #Xi Jinping #Dalai Lama #Gujarat #Arunachal Pradesh

Sep 02, 2014

Modi promises red carpet for Japan firms in India

(AP) -- Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is wooing Japanese businesses with a promise of "red carpet" treatment rather than the bureaucratic red tape that India is notorious for. India is the best possible investment destination, offering "democra... #China #Tokyo #India #Shinzo Abe #Narendra Modi

Sep 09, 2014

Russian Demography and Useful Idiocy

Masha Gessen was not terribly impressed with my critique of her article on Russian demography, and penned a 'postscript' over at the New York Review of Books. Gessen starts her critique in earnest with the following: Adomanis claims that President Vl... #Vladimir Putin #New York Review of Books

Sep 03, 2014

8 Things Masha Gessen Got Wrong About Russian Demography

Masha Gessen, a well-known Russian journalist and pundit, recently wrote a summary of Russian population trends for the New York Review of Books. As one of a very small number of people who closely follow Russian demography, and as someone who would ... #Vladimir Putin #New York Review of Books

Aug 23, 2014

Ferguson is a story going back decades. And there is no new ending

Yes, more black Americans will gain political power, but racial divisions will still blight the US The story of Ferguson, Missouri, goes well beyond the tragic murder of a young black man. It is a story about demography and race going back to the gre... #Missouri #United States