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Delhi rape case

Delhi rape case

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Aug 14, 2014

Life in prison for killer of India's Bandit Queen

(AP) -- The upper-caste killer of India's "Bandit Queen" was sentenced Thursday to life in prison for gunning down the outlaw-turned-legislator who was idolized as a champion of the lower castes. Phoolan Devi roamed central India's desolate valleys i... #India #New Delhi

Aug 25, 2014

ATM-style machine lets Indian women report abuse without fear

NEW DELHI—Most Indian women think very carefully before walking into a police station to lodge a complaint. The all-male officers, the macho atmosphere, and the corresponding fear of sexual harassment deter them. If they go at all, they go escorted b... #India #New Delhi

Aug 18, 2014

India prepares to carry out first ever hanging of women convicts

India is confronting the prospect of hanging two sisters convicted of abducting and murdering young children – the first time it would have used the death sentence against women. Renuka Shinde, 41, and 36-year-old Seema Gavit were convicted in 2001 o... #India #New Delhi #Pranab Mukherjee #Ajmal Kasab

Aug 06, 2014

Why are women always the victim in high fashion photo shoots?

Women are routinely victimised in fashion campaigns to the extent that gang rape is being glamorised before anyone questions the role of female models in advertising. A newly published Indian fashion shoot depicting a woman on a bus surrounded intimi... #New Delhi #Facebook #Mumbai

Aug 05, 2014

Indian teenager cuts man's penis off after he attempts to rape her

An Indian teenager took a knife to a so-called tantric who allegedly tried to rape her for a second time and cut off his penis. The man, who is also the girl’s uncle, is currently being hunted by detectives who praised what they described as the youn... #India #New Delhi