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Delhi rape case

Delhi rape case

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Aug 25, 2014

ATM-style machine lets Indian women report abuse without fear

NEW DELHI—Most Indian women think very carefully before walking into a police station to lodge a complaint. The all-male officers, the macho atmosphere, and the corresponding fear of sexual harassment deter them. If they go at all, they go escorted b... #India #New Delhi

Sep 05, 2014

'House of horrors' cannibal murderer who raped and dismembered 19 young women and children to be hanged

India is preparing to execute a man accused of killing and dismembering almost 20 young women and children in a case that was called the “house of horrors” murders. He admitted eating some of the body parts. Officials have said that Surinder Koli, wh... #India #New Delhi #Press Trust of India #Afzal Guru