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Jul 31, 2014

Your brain is your joystick in neurogaming

Lat Ware pauses to straighten his jacket and organize his chaotic mind. For Ware, who has attention deficit disorder, standing in the halls of a gaming conference as people rush by can feel like being in a hurricane of humanity...

Jul 29, 2014

Trying to talk with IRS can be taxing

No one expects the federal government to be a model of efficiency. But with a projected deficit of nearly $600 billion this year, you'd think officials would do everything possible to help people pay their taxes...

Jul 20, 2014

TSA security fee on airline tickets rises Monday

Congress called for a higher fee to reduce the deficit -- and cover aviation securit...

Jul 28, 2014

Deficits drop but debt bomb ticks on: Our view

Every year of delay only makes the eventual, inevitable solution more painful...

Jul 23, 2014

Dodgers can't keep up with Pirates in 12-7 loss

KEY MOMENT: An eighth-inning solo home run by Scott Van Slyke reduced the Dodgers' deficit to 8-7, but right-hander Chris Perez unraveled spectacularly in a four-run eighth for the Pirates. Perez walked four consecutive batters, at which point he was...

Jul 12, 2014

Campbell pinch hits to drive in winning run as Mets come back vs. Marlins

The Mets faced a pair of two-run deficits on Saturday afternoon, but didn’t flinch. They pinched. After a pinch-hit, two-run homer by Chris Young tied things in the bottom of the seventh inning, Eric Campbell supplied a game-winning, pinch-hit RBI si... #New York Mets #Chris Young #Eric Campbell #Citi Field

Jul 10, 2014

Corbett signs budget, vetoes millions in legislative funding, urges action on public pensions

Gov. Tom Corbett signed the state budget 10 days late on Thursday and used his line-item veto to strike $65 million from the General Assembly's own appropriation, urging a renewed effort to curb public-sector pension benefits for newly hired teachers... #New York Mets #Chris Young #Eric Campbell #Citi Field

Jul 18, 2014

Egypt Cuts Tax Breaks for Fuel; Few Protest

Critics say that President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi call for a drastic cut to energy subsidies in order to decrease the country’s budget deficit will harm vulnerable citizens... #New York Mets #Chris Young #Eric Campbell #Citi Field

Jul 13, 2014

Host Brazil gives up third place to the Netherlands, 3-0

As the Brazilian midfielder Oscar juked into the box, ball at his toe, and went down on impact precipitated by defender Daley Blind, the referee began digging out a punitive card. With a successful penalty kick, Brazil's deficit would shrink to one i... #New York Mets #Chris Young #Eric Campbell #Citi Field

Jul 15, 2014

The Tricky Gimmick Congress Will Use to Fund Your Highways

Congress pays for a 10 month fix now by threatening greater deficits later... #New York Mets #Chris Young #Eric Campbell #Citi Field