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Jul 09, 2014

Pakistani man gets 18 years to life for beating wife to death after she made lentils for dinner

Noor Hussain, 75, asked for the death penalty instead of his long prison sentence Wednesday in Brooklyn Supreme Court...

Jul 01, 2014

Supreme Court ruling has no bearing on Ronell Wilson, prosecutor says

A federal prosecutor expressed confidence Tuesday that the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision on mentally disabled defendants facing the death penalty will have no bearing on condemned cop killer Ronell Wilson’s case... #Supreme Court of the United States #Ronell Wilson

Jun 24, 2014

Kirsten Powers: Conservative case against death penalty

Anti-capital punishment activists say time is ripe for promoting a culture of life... #Supreme Court of the United States #Ronell Wilson

Jun 23, 2014

Sudanese woman sentenced to death for being Christian freed by court

A Sudanese woman facing the death penalty for converting to Christianity is going free... #Supreme Court of the United States #Ronell Wilson

Jun 19, 2014

Pastor walks 200 miles in Texas to protest death penalty

Rev. Jeff Hood set out on a 200-mile trek across Texas to protest his state’s policy of capital punishment... #Supreme Court of the United States #Ronell Wilson

Jul 07, 2014

Jury to decide whether Dallas man facing possible death sentence competent to stand trial

Jury selection is underway today for a hearing to determine whether a man is competent to stand trial in a death penalty case... #Supreme Court of the United States #Ronell Wilson

Jul 10, 2014

Lebanese wife of Omar Bakri, who left another wife and seven children in Britain, applies for UK asylum for herself and their two children

Ruba Bakri is applying to the British Embassy in Beirut for asylum for herself, her children and her husband Omar Bakri (pictured), who is facing the death penalty in Lebanon... #United Kingdom #Beirut, Lebanon

Jun 28, 2014

NEYMAR WATCH: Brazil's golden boy scores vital winning penalty against Chile

He failed to score in 120 minutes of open play but Neymar showed nerves of steel in the penalty shoot-out to stroke his sudden death spot-kick past his future Barcelona team-mate Claudio Bravo... #United Kingdom #Beirut, Lebanon

Jun 24, 2014

Sudan woman re-arrested after court dropped death penalty

KHARTOUM, Sudan — A Christian woman sentenced to death in Sudan and later freed has been detained at an airport while trying to leave the country Tuesday, her lawyer said...... #United Kingdom #Beirut, Lebanon

Jul 04, 2014

Costa Ricas excellent World Cup run highlights rise of Concacaf countries

Outdoing Asia and Africa, Concacaf has boosted its long-running campaign for a fourth direct World Cup qualifying spot Then there was one. Costa Rica are the last men standing for a Concacaf region that has hailed the Brazil World Cup as a crucial br... #Africa #Costa Rica #Brazil national football team