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Aug 08, 2014

Russia to cut back on U.S. chicken imports over sanctions.

The spy-turned-pol is trying to clip the wings on American chicken imports in retaliation to more sanctions from the U.S. and Europe over the escalating crisis in Ukraine, according to the National Chicken Council...

Aug 31, 2014

Europe must act quickly to stop bloodshed in Ukraine, says Van Rompuy - video

European council president Herman Van Rompuy announces a one week deadline for Russia to reverse course in Ukraine or face a new round of sanctions. Van Rompuy says the situation in Ukraine is worsening by the day and requires swift action. British p... #Europe #David Cameron #Herman Van Rompuy #Russia #European Union #Ukraine

Aug 26, 2014

New assessments for non-European nurses to be introduced

Nursing and Midwifery Council to introduce new registration system this autumn Nurses and midwives who completed their training outside Europe are to face new assessments of their eligibility to work in the UK. The Nursing and Midwifery Council said ... #Europe #India #Australia #Philippines