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Aug 18, 2014

Moscow Exhibition Explores The Post-Cold-War Era's Impact On Art

The ‘90s marked a tumultuous time — globalization started to spread, the Cold War and communism ended, the Internet started to become commonplace, and the fear of terrorism was a major concern. The New International, an exhibition at Moscow’s Garage ...

Aug 08, 2014

Miami Beach's Bass Museum of Art Looks at Gold

Points of view on gold from two dozen contemporary artists are at Miami Beach's Bass Museum of Art... #Miami Beach #Bass Museum of Art

Jul 31, 2014

Artnado! One more idea for filling MOCA's exhibition gap

Zach Alan, an arts enthusiast who lives in San Diego and has a wonderfully ranty arts-centered Facebook account, came up with one more idea to fill the exhibition gap facing the Museum of Contemporary Art... #Miami Beach #Bass Museum of Art