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Aug 29, 2014

Intel turns its attention to desktop performance, unveils 8-core Haswell-E processor

Intel took the wraps off its most powerful consumer CPU at the PAX video-game conference in Seattle, WA, today. Intel’s Core i7 High-end Desktop Processor Family, code-named Haswell-E, consists of three unlocked processors that support hyperthreading... #Seattle, WA #Intel

Aug 29, 2014

China Weighs Gas Tax to Aid Electric-Car Effort

China is weighing a new tax on gasoline to fund efforts to make electric cars more palatable to consumers, according to the chairman of electric-car maker BYD... #Seattle, WA #Intel

Aug 28, 2014

For 'Freemium' Companies, What Are Non-Paying Consumers' Real Value?

In products that are distributed and sold via the freemium model, since users of the free product do not pay companies actual cash money, how should a company determine their value... #Seattle, WA #Intel

Aug 28, 2014

Microsoft finally cracks down on deceptive Windows Store 'crap apps'

So-called deceptive “crap apps” have always plagued the Windows Store. But now, Microsoft appears to be finally ready to do something about them. In a blog post late Wednesday, Microsoft said that it had removed 1,500 deceptively named apps as part o... #Seattle, WA #Intel

Aug 29, 2014

How Spacecraft Use the Force (of Gravity)

Rosetta mission illustrates how probes use gravitational forces from celestial bodies to alter the course and velocity of their journey, without having to fire fuel-consuming rocket thrusters... #Seattle, WA #Intel

Aug 27, 2014

Seagate's monstrous 8TB hard drive is the most spacious storage yet

If you're looking to pack a massive amount of storage into your PC, the best you can do these days is 6 terabytes —as long as you're willing to shell out close to $300. But there may soon come a day where you can get a whopping 8TB stuffed into a sin... #Seattle, WA #Intel

Aug 28, 2014

Thursday Sector Laggards: Financial, Consumer Products

In afternoon trading on Thursday, Financial stocks are the worst performing sector, showing a 0.2% loss. Within that group, Prudential Financial (NYSE: PRU) and Legg Mason (NYSE: LM) are two large stocks that are lagging, showing a loss of 1.5% and 1... #Prudential Financial #Legg Mason, Inc. #NYSE

Aug 28, 2014

At least 300,000 risk losing insurance due to glitches

Consumers must send their information multiple times, and many can't access their accounts... #Prudential Financial #Legg Mason, Inc. #NYSE

Aug 24, 2014

U.S. rice farmers see opportunity in China

Greg Yielding was given a quixotic task: travel to China and determine if consumers there would be willing to eat American rice... #Prudential Financial #Legg Mason, Inc. #NYSE

Aug 26, 2014

The top iOS 8 features for business users

When it shows up in the coming weeks,  Apple’s iOS 8 is set to bring several new features, including its HealthKit and HomeKit platforms, to the iPhone and iPad. Many of the advances are consumer-oriented and focused on creating a seamless experience... #Apple, Inc. #Yosemite National Park