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Jul 12, 2014

Once Targeted by Limbaugh, Lawyer Seeks California Seat

Sandra Fluke, who was subjected to degrading comments by Rush Limbaugh after she tried to testify in Congress about insurance coverage for contraceptives, is running for a seat in the State Senate... #California #Rush Limbaugh #Sandra Fluke

Jul 12, 2014

Their Way or No Highway: This Road Work Made Possible by Underfunding Pensions

Gas tax increases are unpopular, so Congress has been turning to some wishful math to pay for road repairs... #California #Rush Limbaugh #Sandra Fluke

Jul 08, 2014

Coalition Prods Congress on Transportation Fund

Business advocacy groups say lawmakers’ inaction on infrastructure spending threatens the economic recovery... #California #Rush Limbaugh #Sandra Fluke

Jul 09, 2014

Congress won't intervene if LIRR workers strike: lawmakers

Congress will not rush in like the cavalry and stop a Long Island Rail Road strike that could hit as early as July 20, Capitol Hill lawmakers told the MTA Chairman on Wednesday... #MTA #Long Island Rail Road #LIRR

Jul 09, 2014

Congress has heavy workload but limited time before summer recess

Congress started July -- its last full working month before the November elections -- with a full plate. But it may not have the appetite to handle it all... #MTA #Long Island Rail Road #LIRR

Jul 09, 2014

Obama urges Congress to pass immigration funding request following meeting with Gov. Perry

President Obama and Texas Gov. Rick Perry, one of his harshest critics, had an arduously choreographed but 'constructive' meeting late Wednesday aboard Marine One during a 15-minute ride across Dallas... #Texas #Barack Obama #Rick Perry #Dallas, Texas

Jul 07, 2014

Here are some immigration reforms President Obama can use his powers to make

President Obama says that he will use his executive powers to provide relief for immigrants since Congress won’t. Here are some suggestions for action well within his power as President... #Texas #Barack Obama #Rick Perry #Dallas, Texas

Jul 09, 2014

Advocates for adopted children decry 'private re-homing'

Child-care advocates asked Congress on Tuesday to do more to protect adopted children — often foreign-born and suffering from behavioral problems — who are being given away to people solicited over the Internet by adoptive parents who no longer want ... #Texas #Barack Obama #Rick Perry #Dallas, Texas

Jul 11, 2014

Morning Must Reads: July 11

In the news: Palestinian death toll nears 100; Nigerian schoolgirls; Border crisis; House Republicans to sue Obama over ACA employer mandate delay; Congress moves to save Highway Trust Fund; Berkeley to give free marijuana to the poo... #Barack Obama #Hamas #Israel

Jul 10, 2014

MTA, LIRR resume contract negotiations

Contract negotiations with a coalition of LIRR unions threatening to strike resumed Thursday in Midtown Manhattan. The talks came one day after Congress signaled an unwillingness to intervene... #MTA #LIRR