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Sep 08, 2014

Trade Unions, Caretaker Govt Agree on Operational Scheme of Bulgarian Bobov Dol TPP

Chief executives of the Bobov Dol thermal power plant and trade union representatives have reached agreement with Bulgaria's caretaker government on normalizing the work at the plant and the coal mining companies in the region. At a Monday meeting wi...

Sep 09, 2014

Mineral Exploration, Production Takes Place on 1/4 of Bulgaria's Territory

Mineral exploration and production activities are being conducted on an area of nearly 29 000 square kilometers in Bulgaria, or over ¼ of the country's territory, according to data of the Ministry of Economy and Energy. The area on which mineral expl... #Bulgaria #Black Sea

Sep 09, 2014

Bulgaria's Environment Minister Bans Unconventional Gas Technologies in Dobrudzha

Bulgaria's caretaker Environment Minister Svetlana Zhekova has issued a ban on the use of unconventional gas exploration and production technologies at license block Vranino-1 in Dobrudzha. The decision of the Environment Ministry on gas exploration ... #Bulgaria #Socialist Party

Sep 10, 2014

Raising power production 21% is our major achievement: Piyush Goyal

Union coal and power minister Piyush Goel had to wade through some tough times in the first 100 days of his ministry with acute coal shortage staring the country and the likely cancellation of coal allocations in the last two decades. He spoke to Ami... #Bulgaria #Socialist Party

Sep 06, 2014

Australia signs uranium deal with India

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has sealed a civil nuclear deal to sell uranium to India and also offered to increase supplies of conventional fuel to help it overcome chronic shortages. The nuclear deal is a further step toward India achieving... #India #Australia #Tony Abbott #Narendra Modi

Aug 29, 2014

Coal Miners Protest Decision for Early Suspension of Bobov Dol TPP Unit

Five coal mining companies in Bulgaria are directly affected by the decision of the Ministry of Environment and Water to stop one of the units of the Bobov Dol Thermal Power Plant, according to trade unionists. Workers at the Bobov Dol Coal Mine (Vag... #India #Australia #Tony Abbott #Narendra Modi

Aug 25, 2014

India investigative unit drops coal scam case

India's Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has said it is to close a coal scam case against billionaire Kumar Mangalam Birla and a former top bureaucrat that surfaced in 2012 after a government auditor's report. The CBI will file a closure report ... #India #Manmohan Singh #Aditya Birla Group #Hindalco Industries #Kumar Mangalam Birla #Naveen Jindal #Indian National Congress #Central Bureau of Investigation